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Max look’s fierce…but you know he is the softest most effectionate dog you will ever come across a true nanny dog. a few year ago he was telling me that there was something wrong with me, he wouldn’t come near me, than I became poorly and whisked in to hospital a scan revealed I had a tumor on my ovary that was so large I needed a hysterectomy when I got home Max made such a fuss as if to say, your better now.

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That's an amazing story - strange how some animals seem to have a sixth sense about some things. I was interested to see your glass mug on the hearth - we have a couple of those left - haven't seen any others for years!

10 Sep, 2013


Well done Max ... glad you are healthy again. :o)

11 Sep, 2013


ah bless just goes to show looks are very deceiving. My o h went to visit a friend of his which he hadn't done for a while when he got to the place he opened his van door and in jumped (almost on his knee) a rotveiller, bless him think he was in total shock, the oh not the dog. lol. He is scared of dogs unless they are his own. lol You can just imagine his face but the dog is the cutest softest rottie I have ever met. Not all dogs are bad news, would not have trusted my late westie with strangers when he was younger, he would bark and bark unless he knew them. Pleased you are well again, well done Max. :O)))

11 Sep, 2013


oh Oliveoil I would have died on the spot if any dog I didn't know jumped up at me I grew up with a fear of dogs so i can imagine how he felt but funny story. lol.

11 Sep, 2013


thank you Terratoonie & Steragram for you comments.

11 Sep, 2013


Animals can sense things that humans can not. Max is your guardian angel :o)

12 Sep, 2013

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