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9 tips for efficient gardening


Hello all, here are some tips that I came up with for gardeners to help save energy and also help the environment. Hope you find them useful.

1.) Composite your garden waste and use the mulch created thereby as natural fertilizers. According to a report garden waste composite can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 125 kilograms/year! Here’s a great article on how you can build a compost tumbler with easy to follow steps.

2.) Waste less water in the garden by installing rain barrels, using drip irrigation and watering only during mornings and evenings when the level of water evaporation due to direct sunlight is less

3.) Buy low maintenance shrubs and other native and drought resistant plants that do not require costly maintenance.

4.) Under hand powered garden tools instead of gasoline or electricity powered

5.) Consider having a rain garden. A rain garden can help reduce water pollution by stopping contaminated rain water from entering local streams and lakes

6.) Plant trees around your yard. Trees help reduce your overall energy consumption by shielding your home from extreme climatic changes.

7.) Make your own herbicide and pesticide sprays with natural ingredients like vinegar, neem oil and other essential oils. Farmers have been using these ingredients with great success for centuries.

8.) Reduce use of fancy lights in your yard that draw a lot of energy. Instead switch to fluorescent lights or even better solar powered lights. Also consider installing automatic timers of your yar lighting

9.) Consider a roof garden. Roof gardens shield your home from extreme climate conditions helping you save energy

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We could certainly help out with points number 2 and number 5. We have certainly had enough rain this summer and the local reservoirs are overflowing!

13 Aug, 2008


Nine GREAT tips Gardenlover. Thank you for posting :)

13 Aug, 2008


Thanks for that Gardenlover. I will try my utmost best!

14 Aug, 2008

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