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Adenium arabicum - Desert Rose Flower

Adenium arabicum - Desert Rose Flower (Adenium arabicum - Desert Rose Flower)

My Desert rose has a few flowers stimulated by the very hot weather we've had here in San Diego the last several weeks. This plant typically blooms in summer. Photo taken Nov. 30, 2017.

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Stunning. I nominated you

1 Dec, 2017



Thank you! :>))

This doesn't flower as spectacularly as my Adenium obesum.

Have you seen my A. obesum?

Here's a pics from this past summer

3 Dec, 2017


Andy, do you think I can grow one of these here in New York? I can put in on my patio in Summer & bring it in for winter. I will check out the other photo.

3 Dec, 2017


I would think you can. I don't have a lot of experience growing this plant indoors. Adenium obesum is the more common species. Adenium arabicum isn't as widely sold or grown.

It can be a tricky plant to grow for many people. The reason why is most people water it to death. I had two other varieties and we had a very warm winter a few years back...then I gave them too much water. They rotted. It's truly a desert plant, so it needs no water in winter when it's dormant (the water and food is stored in their caudex)

Here's pics of the varieties I killed a few years back.

3 Dec, 2017


Awe thats a little stunner .

14 Dec, 2017


I think I posted a commented three months back stating this plant hadn't bloomed in summer. Now, that we're going into winter and having summer-time weather for many weeks, it's blooming! LOL! :>))

15 Dec, 2017


Lol How lucky that is for you to have such a beauty flower now going into winter it must love tge westher your now having.

15 Dec, 2017


Yes, it does like hot weather. It actually needs hot weather to grow well (being a desert plant).

17 Dec, 2017


Of course being a desert plant it would need those conditions.

18 Dec, 2017


It actually should be starting to go semi-dormant now. lol! Oh well! :>))

19 Dec, 2017


Lol so there is an up side to having such hot weather ?

19 Dec, 2017


Yes, the heat can cause plants to do strange things. A few of my plumerias which don't go dormant or loose their leaves until February have lost many leaves, already.

19 Dec, 2017


Does nt sound a good sign loosing its leaves lets hope they dont die and you get enough rain soon

20 Dec, 2017


Isn't that just beautiful......

20 Dec, 2017



They're not dying...they're just going dormant earlier than normal for the Plumeria that are loosing their leaves. lol!

21 Dec, 2017


Oh lol I thought they were dying off lol thank goodness for that they are are only going dormant thanks Andy ?

22 Dec, 2017


Yes, most species of Plumeria (even though tropical) go deciduous in winter. Plumeria obtusa 'Singapore' is one that usually stays evergreen, though (it can go deciduous or semi-deciduous briefly every 3 to 5 year).

23 Dec, 2017


Interesting how some are deciduous yet the Singapore is evergreen then every 3 to 5 years become deciduous thank you for the information.

23 Dec, 2017


It is very interesting. I noticed the very large Ficus elastica 'Decora' trees do that here, also. (it only become semi-deciduous, though) A fully deciduous F. elastica would be a dead tree. lol!

23 Dec, 2017


Weird is nt it never heard of semi deciduous before lol yes I would image no leaves would be a dead tree.

25 Dec, 2017


There's so many tropical trees which go semi-deciduous. It's especially common before tropical trees bloom.

26 Dec, 2017


Perhaps thats why I have nt heard ofsemi deciduous as I dont see or buy out door tropical trees heŕe.

26 Dec, 2017


Yes, I understand. You don't have Brazilian fern trees, Erythrina species, Jacaranda, Tabebuia species growing outdoors as tree trees there. :>))

The Tabebuia impetiginosa (Ipe trees) are starting to flower here.

27 Dec, 2017


If we do they would be under glass in a RHS garden as you say not out side. .

I shall look forward to seeing the Tabebuia in flower.

27 Dec, 2017


I will try to get a photo of the Tabebuia next to the church on my way to work, which is in full flower. This constant warm and dry weather is initiating a lot of plants, trees to flower a little earlier than normal.

28 Dec, 2017


Great I shall look forward to seeing it if you have time. Yes I would imagine they are all flowering early with your heat.

28 Dec, 2017


Hopefully, I will take pics soon. I'll post some pics of the Erythrina falcata (Brazilian Coral Tree, Corticeira-da-Serra) flowering, which Alyena from Brazil just posted. It typically blooms in late spring or summer (it's flowering now in Brazil which is summer time).

Yes, today was around 83ºF (28ºC) here.

29 Dec, 2017


Thank you Andy its snow again here this morning.

29 Dec, 2017


Wow! That's sounds really cold! When I woke up early morning for work it was 65ºF (18ºC) and the high temp was 83ºF (28ºC) here, again! LOL!

30 Dec, 2017

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