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When the sun was shining .....


Its another windy, rainy evening …. when did Summer pass us by …

I haven’t been able to do much gardening lately. A couple of days ago, came home late from work and low and behold the sun was still shining so I decided to do my much loved “ward round” – I go round inspect the plants, see what damage the insects and slugs have done, squash a few aphids here and there…. and take a few photos which I will humbly share with you ….

The clematis around the hawthorn tree and the lupins

I’m really pleased with the lupin plant and am still often amazed at the fact that all of this plant has come from ONE seed which I planted a year ago!!

This is my favourite rose in the garden. Can’t wait for the bud to open. Its a hybrid tea and bright red – Ruby Wedding Anniversary. Not much perfume but gorgeous anyway.

The clematis Josephine has also started flowering but still more flowers to come hopefully

The clematis Mrs Thompson (finally named thanks to GoY friends :) )

The Scabious Butterfly Blue is also finally flowering. Another favourite of mine. Just wish it wouldn’t rain so much because the flowers just go flat on the ground :(

The honeysuckle, not sure which type it is as it came with the house .. Cut it down to the ground last year and it barely flowered. Quite a few flowers this year so must be on the right track

Grown these foxgloves from seed last year. Only put them in the ground this year. Looking a bit spindly but had a surprise with the colours….

I thought I didn’t have any pink ones but actually I do. Dark pink, a light pink and …..

a white one with pink spots. Thought the white would be boring but in fact .. I think its my favourite one…

And while we’re on white flowers … this is a new plant I bought from the GC a few weeks ago. I think I placed them in the wrong place, on a high terrace, as the flower stems are quite tall … Its a Leucanthemum superbum Esther Read

Evening has turned into night … been watching the last Springwatch episode while doing this and doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun LOL :) Wind seems to have stopped but I think I’ve heard thunder!!

Good night to all :)

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Love the pics GF especially 3rd one lovely angle very clever it shows the colours well ..........must say I do like lupins ..........nice to see the rose ruby wedding we got one as a gift and it sadly didn't survive the severe winter 2 years back might just have to re-visit the GC and replace it .............everything looks lovely despite all the rain and wind you seem to have had :))

14 Jun, 2012


Yes, it all does look lovely despite the weather over there. Love the Scabious Butterfly Blue.

14 Jun, 2012


I´d love to have the stone walls that you have. I always do the same as you when I get home from work...have a walk round the garden 2 or 3 the green house up for an hour or helps me wind down from work.

15 Jun, 2012


Lovely garden GF and great photos too.. I bought the Josephine Clematis a couple of weeks ago, its grown a lot since being planted but no flowers as yet. Love the Lupins and the stone wall.

15 Jun, 2012


A pretty mix of flowers. Those lupins are lovely !

15 Jun, 2012


Some lovely flowers GF :)

15 Jun, 2012


Some lovely flowers there G`fairy and your pics are grand, its definitely a case of nipping out between the downpours this year...

15 Jun, 2012


You've got some really lovely photographs of your garden. I've grown Lupins from seed this year - it they turn out like yours I'll be well happy! :o)))

15 Jun, 2012


You've got some lovely plants. They're colourful and look healthy in your garden.

15 Jun, 2012


Thanks everyone for looking at the blog and for all the lovely comments.

Niverdeen and LilCrawford ... I've been selective with the photos hee hee - no photos of the back garden which seems to have gotten the most battering from the weather - flattened almost everything - The Leucanthum and the foxgloves seem to be the only ones to have stayed upright back there!

Rogi I've now warmed to the stone walls ... I come from Malta where the stone is much lighter in colour and I found these walls a bit grey and dismal (like the weather LOL) initially but now I quite like them. They were overgrown with ivy when we bought the house - the gateposts looked like something out of a Peter Cushing film! So there is a lot of damage in the mortar from the ivy but hopefully at some point in the next few years we'll afford getting them all re-pointed.

Meadowland can't take all the credit for the layout, the front garden had been reasonably well kept by the previous owners and all I'm doing is adding plants and flowers here and there. I'm pleased you like the spaces though ... I look at photos of GoY gardens and think my garden looks bare LOL :)

Suzywonkles, I find the Josephine clematis flowers till very late. Last year a pigeon chewed into the new stems and it had to start new growth all over again in May. I thought it had had it, but it still flowered in late summer and they were the last flowers in the garden.

Petaltracey. My experience of growing from seed is that its a wee bit random (But that may be cos I'm a newbee). If you look closely in the first photograph there are actually 2 lupin plants. Both grown from seed and grown in exactly same conditions yet the other plant remains pretty dwarfed and poorly looking and has only just started forming its first bud! Not to mention that I planted about 15 seeds and only these 2 survived. Good luck. I find it such an amazing feeling to see a plant I've grown from seed. Fingers crossed for you they will come out well!

15 Jun, 2012

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