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Bird Of Paradise

Genus: Strelitzia.

Species: Strelitzia reginae.

I got this baby FREE from Carolyn Wilson's Greenhouse. She divided it from her mother-plant in 1999 or 2000 and gave one to me. It has still never bloomed for me but I'm sure I have not been giving it enough fertalizer. I have increased that so I'm hoping to see one soon. PLEASE !!!

Photos of this plant

  • Bird_of_paradise_9_07_08_exc_sm
  • Bop_5th_day_opening_1_02_09_good_med_sm
  • Bop_5th_day_opening_fullvw_1_02_09_sm
  • Bop_7th_day_close_exc_1_04_09_exc_hand_xsm
  • Bop_7th_day_clearplastic_extraclose_1_04_09_exc_sm
  • Bop_2nd_bud_opening_double_head_notsure_1_08_09_exc_sm
  • Bop_1st_bloom_new_petals_4_bottom_orange_n_1_blue_1_09_09_close_sm
  • Bop_double_header_2nd_bloom_night_2_04_09_exc_sm