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Genus: Tussilago.

Species: Tussilago farfara.

This spring wildflower was introduced from Europe. This plant is also called "British Tobacco" because of the historical use of the leaves as an herb tobacco by the British. The leaves are edible, as are the flower heads........but use CAUTION: this plant should only be eaten in small quantities because of its high alkaloid content, which has caused it to be banned as a food in several European countries. In addition, to containing alkaloids, the leaves contain a resin, tannin, and essential oil, vitamin C, minerals and an antibiotic substance. The genus name Tussilago is from the Latin words tussis, "cough", and agere, "to chase", referring to its medicinal use for curing coughs.
This perennial wildflower comes up in my driveway every spring. It's usually the very first one to bloom.

Photos of this plant

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