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Artemisia black stem

Genus: Artemisia.

Species: Artemisia lactiflora "Ghizou".

Extracts from the Artemisias are being used in cancer research because the extracts from the plant acts on the brainstem...and hence stemcells.
I have had Artemisia ludoviciana in my garden for about ten years..two years ago I added the is a beautiful lacy "filler". It grows tall enough to be a backdrop in a border... or the focal point of an island bed.
It is most effective when planted with large showy flowers because it lightens the effect and pulls the garden together around the focal flowers...I plant dahlias near it and also zinnias and acidanthera... The stems are dark and contrast well with lighter coloured foliage. It adds the dark note that is needed to balance its white lacy cloudlike inflorescence.
It is hardy to minus 30 F. if protected. Last winter was very long and wet with only a very short span of serious cold... it seems that the A. lactifolia is not bothered by the cold climate forms clumps easily and makes a wonderful display with a minimum of care. Excellent plant.

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