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Ligularia'Gregynog Gold'

Genus: Ligularia.

Species: Ligularia.

I purchased this plant because of it's foliage and was completely underwhelmed with it's flowers, they are daisy-like, orange-yellow on tall spikes above the foliage.
HOWEVER, when the flowers ripen and go to seed the plant takes on another persona. It is the most interesting seed head. shaped similar to a dandelion but much tighter it's seeds have little bristly sails. Obviously the seed is airborne... Prefers moist soil and will actually wilt if it doesn't get enough moisture...recovers quickly though. Lig's leaves are deep green, saucer shaped, deeply veined and bronzy underneath. Hardy N.A.zones 3 - 8 When established and happy it can grow to 6 ft. mine is in it's second year...can't wait for this season.
picture of seed heads on my page. There is another Lig. called przewalskii that has dark purple stems and has the name The Rocket in some seed catalogues...likes moisture too and I'm going looking for seed.

Photos of this plant

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