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Genus: Sanguinaria.

Species: Sanguinaria canadensis.

This perennial native is one of my favorite spring wildflowers. Its flower lack nectar, quickly dropping petals after pollination, leaving a large, pointed, pod-like capsule. One of the earliest plants, it emerges from nearly frozen soil, flowering well before trees leaf out. Its flowers open on sunny days, closing tightly at night. Leaves unroll in full sun, curling up around the flower stalk at night and on cloudy days. The genus name Sanguinaria comes from the Latin word for "bleeding", describing the red-orange juice in the stems and roots, used by many cultures as a dye and insect repellent. It grows wild in my back woods and in my yard.

Photos of this plant

  • Bloodroot_group_w_sprngbeauty_4_07_06_exc
  • Bloodroot_leaves_wrapped_3_27_07_exc
  • Bloodroot_one_pedal_up_4_06_sm