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I have two plants of Gloxinia that my wife bought at the supermarket where she works. They were reduced & only one had a few flowers. Up until a few days ago I had no idea what colour it would turn out to be!

They are now flowering & have very many buds on them, so I look forward to seeing them bloom for at least six weeks which is as about as long as you can expect them to flower according to this website I found.

I discovered from the webpage that they can be reproduced by leaf cutting just like African Violets, of which I have quite a few & am constantly propagating, either by leaf cutting or by division. I shall have a go, if they are as easy as African Violets I shall have dozens in a couple of years time!

Update 2015:

These plants died some years ago & I no longer have any Gloxinias.

Photos of this plant

  • Gloxinia_in_kitchen_2009_06_11_001
  • Gloxinia_in_kitchen_2009_06_10_001
  • Gloxinia_in_kitchen_2009_06_10_002
  • Gloxinia_in_kitchen_2009_06_11_001