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I have started growing Larkspur for the first time on my balcony this year. They are still seedlings but I hope to see flowers in a few weeks.

I found a lovely picture of them when doing a search for Larkspur on Google:

Update 2015:

I'm no longer growing this plant on the balcony.

Photos of this plant

  • Larkspur_nasturtium_2009_05_31
  • Larkspur_ten_week_stock_2009_05_31
  • Larkspur_in_flower_trough_2009_05_31
  • Rocket_larkspur
  • Larkspur_pale_blue_on_balcony_2009_07_13
  • Larkspur_pink_blue_2009_07_11
  • Larkspur_pink_2009_07_11