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Regal Pelargonium Angel

Regal Pelargonium Angel type that were very, very popular just 5 years ago. I still have the original 3 plants my wife bought in May 2005.

Update 2015:

A couple of years ago or so the last of these lovely Pelargoniums died.

Photos of this plant

  • Pelargonium_close_up_31_05_05
  • Pelargonium_17_07_2006
  • Pelargonium_06_05_2007
  • Pelargonium_08_06_2008_001
  • Pelargonium_angels_eyes_on_balcony_2009_05_31_001
  • Pelargoniums_on_balcony_table_2009_06_25_001
  • Pelargonium_angel_eyes_randy_2009_05_23
  • Pelargonium_angel_eyes_on_balcony_table_2009_07_14
  • Pelargonium_on_balcony_2009_08_16_001
  • Pelargonium_angel_eyes_on_balcony_2009_08_07_001
  • Pelargonium_variegated_geranium