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Ivy Leaf Geranium

I've been growing Ivy Leaf Geraniums on my balcony since 2003 at least. I have two conical hanging baskets with Ivy Leaf Geraniums growing in them since I got them.

Update 2015:

None survived the last winter, 2014.

Photos of this plant

  • Hanging_basket_on_balcony_25_07_07_002
  • Hanging_basket_conical_left_14_07_05
  • Hanging_basket_conical_01_07_05
  • Hanging_basket_conical_on_balcony_08_09_08_001
  • Hanging_basket_conical_on_balcony_22_09_03_011
  • Hanging_basket_conical_on_balcony_02_08_08_001
  • Ivy_leaf_geranium_very_deep_red_08_07_06
  • Ivy_leaf_geranium_pink_23_06_06
  • Ivy_leaf_geranium_flowers_very_close_on_balcony_26_07_08_001
  • Ivy_leaf_geranium_variagated_08_07_06