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Rose Fred Loads

This has to be my favourite rose of all time! It's called Fred Loads. It's a very big rose & can easily reach 1.80m. I bought 3 bushes back in 1970, or thereabouts, looked after them for a couple of years & then went abroad for 20 years. As they were in my parents garden they were still growing when I retuned to the UK.

Update 2015:

My poor rose eventually died some years ago. It never did grow as vigorously as in the open ground.

Photos of this plant

  • Rose_fred_loads_28_06_07_1_
  • Rose_fred_loads_28_06_07_close_up_
  • Fred_loads_on_balcony_1st_day_of_autumn_22_09_08_002
  • Rose_fred_loads_1st_blooms_08_07_06
  • Rose_fred_loads_2009_06_25_001
  • Rose_fred_loads_2009_06_25_002
  • Rose_fred_loads_2009_06_25_003
  • Rose_fred_loads_on_balcony_27th_june_2010_001
  • Rose_fred_loads_on_balcony_27th_june_2010_002
  • Rose_fred_loads_on_balcony_15th_july_2010
  • Rose_fred_loads_on_balcony_22nd_july_2010
  • Rose_fred_loads_close_up_13_sept_2