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Genus: Musa.

Species: Musa basjoo.

just tucked my banana up for the winter, slotted a drainage pipe over it (I got for free from local builders merchants),and filled it with bedding straw for a rabbit, I got the plant in b&q when it was going over a couple of years ago about this time of year for a pound, laughed at a person standing behind me saying (what she thought sotto voce) to her husband, "he's buying a dead plant , this is without doubt the best (and cheapest) time to buy plants, I save on average 80% buying them now when they don't look so good I got a Cortaderia Albolineata from Dobbies (a large garden centre chain in Scotland) again about this time last year for, you guessed it a pound, you might think from my joy at getting a plant for pennies reflects my Scottish background, but I think this is a trait you find in most gardeners, (correct me if I'm wrong) since if truth be told I had paid full price for every plant in my garden it would be worth about three times more than the house, whatever you do don't tell the wife, anyway back to the banana, I live in Fife, which if you look at your map guys is 30 miles north of Edinburgh and winter temps are an average of about 3c with lows of maybe minus 10 so it just proves, there are very few plants which we cannot plant in this country with just a little thought given to winter protection (picture of plant to follow)

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