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A few poems


Hi everyone i figured i’d take mookins advice and do a blog,though because im not the best attalking about things i thought id put a few of my poems up and see what everyone thinks,cheers.Rich

This is a poem i wrote not long after my bro died trying to see things from his perspective as he never complained or wonderied why it was his turn

Unspoken Whispers
Lay here whispering,thoughts in my head
knowing i lie here no fear no dread
never back down were the words always said

my fear my angers,lost in my pain
not wanting my family to suffer again
words of my love trapped in my brain
everything to lose,everything to gain

as my body begins to weaken
my soul begins to grow
realising life is a just show
not realising till the end, i know

little seeds of torment, that god somehow sows
to see that your listening, to see that you know
i realise where im going,i know i must go

the battle lives on,in my body and mind
everyone asking why the world is so unkind
in your thoughts, in your tears,dont be left blind
im always with you,there is know rewind

nothings no different,i love you even still
through our love and our marriage
not here in body but in spirit,but watching over you still
and im sure you know i always will

so dont cry for your loss
smile for my gain
im not trapped any more, i feel no pain

never back down
never surrender
ive had one hell of a life
that,you’ll always remember.

This next one i wrote whilst watching an ex sleep,

Feeling so lost
tired and confused
waking from a dream
thats all about you
thoughts in my head
waiting 2 be spoken
remain where they live
my silence unbroken
racking my brain
not knowing what to do
feeling so sweetly
enchanted by you.

one of my happier times

Smiles are like orgasms
there so hard to fake
i just say wot i feel
its a risk that i take
when one is recieved
and put on your face
it makes you feel special
like coming first in a race.

this one i was going through a bit of a rough patch

Alls Not Lost
Standing in the window
just gazing at the view
staring straight ahead not knowing what to do
memories of emotions that had left me once b4
now starting 2 enter the once fully locked door

the idea of not knowing
what youve got before its lost
when swept from under your feet
leaving u in a state of shock

the eternal nightmares
feeling like rot
are lost, never forgot
scared of their return
like dahmer and his lot

like going 2 war
with no reason no gain
just 2 cause uneasyness, anger and pain
created thru something so mechanical
the twisted human brain.

this one i wrote for my daughter after id realised how much id let her down,though its not so much a poem but more a statement i was making to her

My Princess
Watching you sleeping so quiet no sounds
feeling ur love a precense all around
been so long since ive seen you
you make my heart just turn to you
knowing that tomorrow i gotta leave
but not wanting to
this is why i write this poem for you
i want u 2 know that my love is always true
that im missing,waiting and thinking of u
theres no1 in my life that makes me feel this way
i dont wanna leave your side
just wanna stay
your so special in each and evryway
i know you wont see this or hear it either
i hope you’l know that Daddy’s always here
your my princess and ill always endear
i know i havent passed evry little test
but my hearts awake now
ill love you still beyond death

and thats about all i feel ready to share but could be some in the future,cheers.Rich

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x x x

18 Oct, 2009


Lovely poem

18 Oct, 2009


thankyou both,i dont often share with other but everyone seems friendly enough here lol

18 Oct, 2009


A poem for all occasions i like the Smile one best, Brilliant!! :o))

18 Oct, 2009


Lovely poems sorry but iv'e got a tear in my eye.

18 Oct, 2009


thank you, lol no need for tears,ive got 100s around somewhere but yet to find them though im sure theyll turn up

18 Oct, 2009


100s of tears hun or poems?

x x x

18 Oct, 2009


sorry meant poems, though prob got 100's of tears to come aswell lol

18 Oct, 2009


bless ya
x xx

18 Oct, 2009


lovely poems from the heart, well done :o)

20 Oct, 2009


thankyou very much sanbaz

20 Oct, 2009


Only just seen this they made me cry and am hoping you have had happier times since then ...

16 May, 2016

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