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Yeah we are trying to grow red raspberrys this year also. We planted four plants but I think only one survided. Trying out strawberries also. Hoping for a good turn out also.

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Raspberries are my favourite.

16 Jun, 2009


Mine too Hywel....we have quite a few canes, and a huge strawberry patch........but Raspberry's are my No.1 choice

16 Jun, 2009


No like Raspberries but I do like Strawberries my No. 1 favourite.

17 Jun, 2009


I personally am not keen on strawberries but have them once in a blue moon
Raspberries I LOVE
they were a real craving when pregnant with my daughter

she hates strawberries and loves raspberries!!

x x x

17 Jun, 2009

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