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Just read in this wks Garden News,

School gardens and Allotments could soon be charged for having a compost heap. Whaaaat.???
Under new proposals any establishment other than a private home would have to pay £50.00, to register with the Envroment agency every three years,

(Can you believe this)

The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Are drawing up new rules which would require Schools, Businesses, Charities and Allotments to register every three years,

This is absolute madness, no wonder so many people leave GB every year,


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As Marguerite says ~ Why ?

There can't be very much difference between, for instance, a compost heap on a school garden and one in a reasonably large private garden.
Do the authorities think these establishments are making a fortune out of selling the compost, and don't want the competition for the Council-made compost?

We will soon be charged for breathing in.. and out....

5 Nov, 2008


Dont get me going about the Council - as I said to TT the other day, I really must write a blog about our experience. Grrrrrrr

5 Nov, 2008


Ut O :/ This will cause so many More Problems with Littering /Flight Tipping dont u think? it makes me wonder why the HELL WE BOTHER 2 be GREEN FRIENDLY when all we get is Kicked Down By Councils/MP/Goverments Stupied Rules 2make them even more MONEY From the UK :( Makes me SICK !! Being British is such a Rip Off

5 Nov, 2008


Its unreel they wont us all to recycle more things then they wont to charge us for doing it. i would'nt mind but gardeners have recycled stuff for years, i dont think my freind who as an allotment will be very pleased about it.

5 Nov, 2008


Hi M, No reasons given, but they say theses are merely proposals at the moment, And no decisions have been made,
i just cant believe they could suggest such a tax on people, do the want to ecourage recycling or not, and where will it stop, will they want to tax private gardeners next,
Our country is being run by a greedy irrisponsable government, Thats got nothing better to do than think of more and more ways to tax its people with back door taxes,
Sorry i may be letting off steam here, but where will it all end, I FEEL BETTER NOW .LOL

5 Nov, 2008


The councils make their own rules, usually illogical, waste tax payers money etc. and have you ever heard of anyone getting the sack from the Council for making a bad decision, no me neither.

5 Nov, 2008


I Agree with every word uv just z FF , How do they sleep @ nights ? Much better than us i Bet :/ i feel like were liveing in Robin Hood times with all the New Taxes Coming out lol :)

5 Nov, 2008


Its not the councils but the environment agency that want to impose this tax,
this means that councils who run allotments will have to pay not individuals,
but the council will hit us by putting even more on our rents to cover this cost, we always pay in the end dont we,
if you live in Wesr Sussex, Northumberland or Selby, or almost anywhere else in the country and have an allotment you will know what i mean

5 Nov, 2008


So much for trying to prevent climate change getting any worse. Round here, our local tip, sorry - recycling depot - has been opening with reduced hours for months now because they are 'redeveloping' it. The leader of our Council said if people want to get rid of something when it is closed, they should drive to Reading (12 miles each way) to get rid of it!

5 Nov, 2008


Having been a Headteacher, I hope they don't expect schools to pay from their budgets! I well know how tight the money is.

Even if it's Councils that have to pay, we would all have to cough up more in our Council taxes to cover this! I hope the 'proposal' dies a death.

7 Nov, 2008

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