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Can't stop gardening

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It does not make since as there is a contract on our house and we are shopping for a new place to live. Hub anticipates being gone in 45 days.

I am in zone 7b. I have 10 pots 12 inches square, 8 inches deep, 4 15" round pots, 4 12" round pots lining my front steps. They are filled with carrots, crookneck squash, cukes, and turnips. I have started seedlings for lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, okra, chard, basil, and collards. This make sense because these can be moved.

I then cleared 40 square feet of my garden beds and piled up the weeds that overgrew it this summer. I have 2 chards that self started. I intend to put down 8 cukes, a couple of tomatoes, New Zealand spinach (already soaking), some lettuce, turnips and okra. I plan to put the turnips behind the taller plant to hopefully give them some shade and keep them from bolting. These are all things the new occupant says she likes.

I am hoping to be settled enough somewhere before July. I started my first garden in July and had some great peppers, cukes, tomatoes and okra to show for it.

I have got to get something to start sharing pictures. I have a couple of camera phones, but I do not have a way to upload pics from them to my computer yet.

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You are really good to keep the garden going for your buyers! I hope they appreciate it.

5 May, 2008

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