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Thankyou to those who have made me welcome. I am just about getting the hang of the site- give me a few more days and I’ll have worked it out. We have a drizzly day here today, very grey and misty and friends coming for dinner tonight so I have little time. The onions I planted continue to grow in the unheated bedroom, nestling comfortably on two dustbin bags on the spare bed. Lets hope we don.t have any bed and breakfast visitors this week. The season starts in March so I have a couple of weeks before I really won’t have a spare munute. Regards to all. Sheila

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Hello Sheila ~
I chuckled at the thought of your B&B visitors sharing their rooms with lots of onions. LOL.

Still snow on the ground in many parts of chilly Britain.
Looking forward to more of your blogs, photos and comments as the months go by. :o)

9 Feb, 2009


We are all hoping that our gardening season will start soon!

Make sure you wash the bedding before the visitors arrive - the smell of onions might put them off! LOL.

9 Feb, 2009


Wekcome Sheila. I hope you enjoy GOY.

9 Feb, 2009


LOL...That presents a funny picture Sheila...the onions on the bed. I'm glad they are growing for you. :o)

11 Feb, 2009


I suppose it's better for them to be in the spare bed than taking up valuable space in the flower BED!

12 Feb, 2009

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