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Spider plants and ivy going spare


Just on the off-chance, anyone want a Spider plant or six? or Ivy?

I borke up large clumps, so they’re all well-rooted.

There’s a couiple of dozen of each, so as many as you want …

Spiders are usually indoor plants, but they don’t mind being outdoors in warm weather (though I found out that they don’t like snow very much!). being outside gives them thicker stems.

Last pic’s of a small-ish plant which I suspecti is a shrub, no idea what kind, it was growing so I let it, but trying to keep only what I know I want. Might be too big to post, but only one way to find out!

two or three different kinds of ivy, not sure what any of them are – that’d be “lucky dip”

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I have some large Spider plants also. I have an old one in the kitchen which has been growing there for at least 5 years - probably a lot longer! I also have one on the living room table that has got big also! :-)) I love these plants, especially the tiny white flowers with the bright yellow pollen! they are such delicate looking things! They even set seed but I've never tried growing any.

I have to cut off the "spiders", especially of the plant in the kitchen as they become a nuisance after a while. :-((

My plants are the variegated ones, they have a broad creamish streak down the centre of the leaves.

I also have a pot with some "spiders" rooting in the kitchen!

I had a variegated Ivy in a conical hanging basket on the balcony but for some unknown reason it's dying on me this year! :-(( Shame because I like it & it gave a little colour to the balcony during the winter. In a pot with a Golden Conifer there is another variegated Ivy. I think both plants came from some Ivy cutting I took some years ago.

27 Jun, 2013


all mine are plain green - someone gave me four small plants with the stripe, but i've only one left now: don't recall the others dying, so not sure if they reverted, being so close to the plain ones - the survivor is now on the other side of the room.

Every now and hten, a stem falls off a plant, so i usually dig a hole with a finter in the nrerest pot and plant it, on "you never know" - which is how I got so many!

i stil have quite a few big or big-ish ones; until i get my furniture sorted, there's nowhere for them to go properly, so I have five in the kitchen, on shelves wherever i can fit them in, and the rest on a shoulder-high shelf in the living room - I need to get some hooks put in the ceiling, but then I've got to buy or make plant holders to hang them from.

In the summer, they can go outside, if it's not too exposed; it toughens them, thickens the stems - I did that last year, and so didn't notice exactly how big the collection had grown until I brought them back indoors and had to find room for them all.

I do like Spiders, they're so easy to grow and so tolerant of such a variety of environemnts. One plant book I have says that if you can't keep Spider plants alive, you should give up gardening and take up something like piano-smashing!

29 Jun, 2013

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