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What is going on? My tomatoes are going bad before they even ripen. Help!!! I did spray some insecticidal soap on them hoping that will help. The plants look really healthy and have lots of buds and green tomatoes but when they just start to ripen they rot on one side.

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evening forevergreen....a few photos would help.
i know with all this damp weather we have had to be very careful as the damp is the worst thing for breeding nasty things in the greenhouse/polytunel. i spent a few hours yesterday removing all the side shoots, tieing the plants up, and removing all the bottom leaves. in fact i removed most of the leaves below the first trusses and opened the tunel right up to get good air flow. as the season progresses i will continue to remove each layer of leaves as the fruit set. and i ALWAYS take all the leaves away as these can start to rot and just encourage the fungus and beasties. hope this helps Sandra

29 Jun, 2012

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