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An Unexpected Gift..


I love the little birdies,
as they flitter through the trees..
I keep them fed and watered,
and stock up on treats and seeds.
But one such little birdie,
one day when calling by..
decided to reward me,
to this day I know not why!

For he carried in his feathers,
a seed so very small,
and dropped it in my garden..
though I didn’t see it fall.
And deep into the earth it went,
to germinate and sprout..
Unnoticed in the corner,
it started filling out!

So time went on, night turned to day,
and still this seedling grew..
But hidden in the corner,
so completely out of view!
It grew and grew so very tall,
yet still we did not see..
Until passing by one day we saw,
we had gained an extra tree!

Now I know we didn’t plant it,
though we stood and scratched our heads..
but there it was, an Ash tree,
‘bout 12ft tall, my OH said..
Well we knew it couldn’t stay there,
that addition had to go.
So dear old OH dug it out,
though ’twas tedious and slow!

It is sitting in a pot right now,
looking lonely on its own..
My unexpected nature’s gift,
is now looking for a home!
Now I love my little birdies,
who flit and come for tea..
But now I’ve put a notice up..
‘No more gifts of native trees!’

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What a pity you cannot find somewhere to plant it Flori, perhaps the parks/gardens could take your poem, you haven't lost your touch..x

29 Jan, 2014 know me and poetry Dd.. Yes, it is a real pity that I can't find a new home for this Ash, but due to the spread of Ash dieback affecting so many of them, there is restricted movement on where you can plant Ash trees nowadays.
I can't believe that from one tiny little seed, this 12 ft monster grew! lol..
It was only when we removed an old dying Ceanothus tree that we found this young tree at the back of it which is why we had missed it so often I guess..
It had to come out as I have two other Cherry trees near by and I couldn't risk leaving it where it was, so it is now in a large pot till I can figure out what to do with it..any suggestions???

Lovely seeing you here my friend and thanks for being the first to post a comment on my new blog.. Hope you enjoyed!\0/xxx

29 Jan, 2014


Brilliant poem Bev, I can just see that sparrow thinking "this'll confuse her"!
at least you've managed to save it!

I am a little ash tree
looking for a home

my future looks to be a pot
but I'd rather like to roam

if I could pull my roots up
and run along the road

I'm sure there's somewhere out there
to make my new abode

so if you have a corner
you'd rather like to fill

my name is Fraxinus excelsior
but you can call me Phil!

30 Jan, 2014


Flori what a beautiful blog and poem and Pam to so lovely.

30 Jan, 2014


Lovely poem flori.... I have often had things pop up gifts from the birds, I had a lovely elder berry bush grow this way....

30 Jan, 2014


Oh Pam, I loved that poem! lol If it hadn't have been for you identifying what it was for me, I would have been none the wiser my friend. Thank heavens you know your trees!
Glad you enjoyed my take on my unexpected gift..\0/xxx

Thank you Scotkat! Glad you enjoyed. Thank you for popping into my page.\0/xxx

LOL..I know what you mean Holly..We also acquired a Yew bush this way too, plus Buddleia's too! If I had had the space I would have left the Ash tree where it was, but it was far too close to two Cherry trees, so had to be removed. It really is much more a woodland tree, and I only hope I can find a home for it soon. Thank you for posting on my blog my friend.\0/xxx

30 Jan, 2014


We have some freebies too, a white buddleia and quite a few cotoneasters, the pretty little primroses in the lawn are a favorite, probably windblown though

30 Jan, 2014


Oh I love Primroses Pam, but haven't had any of those free from nature yet unfortunately..Our Buddleias tend to be the purple one over here, and they seem to get everywhere! I even have a freebie that is growing in a plant pot that nature put there for her own amusement..

Our main Buddleia is a gorgeous yellow globosa, and it smells divine, but it can be a bit of a monster so needs to be pruned on a regular basis to keep it in check.
It came as a rooted cutting from a friend of mine..
My most favourite freebies though are the blue Forget-me-nots, and the Aquilegias... I just love them and let them happily self-seed. \0/xxxx

30 Jan, 2014


Brilliant poem Flori ! Love the photos too. We have a few poets on here too, don't we ! Pamg , that was lovely and we all enjoy Terratoonie's poems, don't we !

30 Jan, 2014


Hello Rose.. So glad you enjoyed this blog! Trying to take photos of the birds at the feeder was I was trying to hide myself away under a wooden garden arch at the time and trying not to fidget!
Must admit, I do love my poetry and I thought that this was a slightly different way to do my blog as it was a little tongue in
Terra always does such excellent blogs, that I can only try and attempt to come up to her high standard.. Pamg is so clever and witty with her ditties too.. She was invaluable in informing me what tree I had mysteriously gained, bless her! \0/xxx

30 Jan, 2014


Worried me you may want to keep it! the buds are amazing and I love its sunday name :0)
Our buddleias were purple too, the white one is a bonus!
as to the primroses(or primula?) some are yellow and others very pale lilac, pink and white ones....sugared almond colours........they started in the lawn near the border with them in and now they are in a wide arc....lovely x
the birds love cotoneaster more than pyracantha

as to my ditty......its reading all these lovely poems ♥

30 Jan, 2014


Well I must admit Pam, my OH really wanted to! lol
I hope we can pass it on to a park or even village green.. All trees have such a useful service, I would be gutted knowing this one was just going to end up in bits and on a rubbish heap.
We had planted Crocuses in our lawn, but they didn't propagate well unfortunately..
Your ditties are always a real pleasure to read dear friend..\0/xxx

30 Jan, 2014


Loved the poem Flori and your fantastic pics, did you take them? We all need cheering up on here so don't even think of leaving us again:-))

30 Jan, 2014


Ah I see the Ba Enterprise (makes you sound like Star trek!), has arrived..Where ya bin Ba?
Yes, huddled sneakily under a wooden archway was little Flori, trying to capture her crafty pics of our flitting birdies, with me camera at the ready...No endeavour too much for my buddies on Goy.. lol
(Pity the tree hadn't been flitting and the birds static, would have made my job so much easier!!!) LOL.
Yep, buddy, I'm back again...Wheeeeeeeeeee! \0/xxxxx

30 Jan, 2014


wonderful blog and photos but dont blame the wee birdies. ash have a helicopter type seed and are wind blown. we have hundreds germinate every yr. :o)

31 Jan, 2014


What a lovely poem and photo's it did make me smile, I am having trouble getting the little birdie's to come to my table. I have recently just bought a birdhouse house feeding table but every time I put food out the pidgeons come and scoff the lot my OH put a wire half way around it to stop them getting under it which I think its worked but still no other birds so if anybody's got any idea's please help.

31 Jan, 2014


What food do you put out for them?
mine love fat balls and I saw a big bag on offer but they didn't like them as much, only ate them when there was nothing else, also I put the fatblocks out and I usually have the cream coloured ones, one day I put a fruit one in and it was ignored.......not saying they are fussy or anything :0)

Wood pigeons and collared doves don't hang on to the tubular bird feeders, too heavy but they do clean up underneath......I watched the bluetits pick out the corn and drop it .... Little perishers. !

31 Jan, 2014


Hello Sbg, I think it might be a gift from the birds as it is so close to their feeder.. Don't think we have any Ash trees around us locally but I won't swear to it lol.. First time we have ever had a tree pop up unnoticed Thanks for looking in on me my friend, it is always good to see you \0/xxx

Hello Sheil15, nice to meet you! So glad you enjoyed my tongue in cheek blog.. We also have problems with the collared Doves and Crows here that tend to bombard my feeders and scare the little birds away. I had to invest in some protected caged feeders so my little ones could feed in peace!
I think it just takes time for birds to find their way to feeders, don't give up my friend! Thank you so much for looking in on me and posting..\0/x

Oh Pam. the mess they sometimes make of my feeders! half of it ends up on the patio floor, I never realised they could be so fussy! lol Lovely to see you here my friend..Hugs to your heart..xxxx\0/

1 Feb, 2014


I bought feeders with trays fitted , this helped as the doves loved the corn, until two landed at once and the tray is no more ........

1 Feb, 2014


I have put out fat balls but they don't seem to touch them, I also hang out feeders with sunflower seeds but still no joy, but never mind I will just have to keep trying wont I thankyou for your suggestions ...........

1 Feb, 2014


Oh dear Pam, dive bombing doves can create chaos can't they?! lol I kept losing the plastic water bowl in my feeders, till I used two deep aluminium ones instead..They used to be my two little dogs water bowls..Much cheaper than keep replacing the silly plastic bowls it originally came with! Necessity is often the mother of invention so they \0/xxx

Don't give up Sheil15, they will turn up eventually. Never give up hope my friend and bless your heart for looking out for the birds. \0/xxx

1 Feb, 2014


I was minding my own business
Feeling a trifle cold
dreaming of the springtime
When my lovely leaves unfold.

A rude awakening for me
When I heard a woman shout
Go and fetch a couple of spades
We'll get the damn thing out!

I am a graceful ash tree
That's what I'm called in song
But now I'm sitting in a pot
That surely must be wrong

I sit and sing that sweet refrain
I learned it a seed
I hope that Flo will hear me
And undo the dreadful deed.

And place me in an ash grove
Where I'll be with kith and kin
To keep me isolated
Well it really is a sin.

The ash grove how graceful, how plainly 'tis speaking
The harp through its playing has language for me.
Whenever the light through its branches is breaking,
A host of kind faces is gazing on me.
The friends from my childhood again are before me
Each step wakes a memory as freely I roam.
With soft whispers laden the leaves rustle o’er me
The ash grove, the ash grove alone is my home

3 Feb, 2014


A big hello from me! Thank you for a lovely blog.Love your poems and photos. I had the ultimate 'Swingle Singer' in my garden yesterday.A new arrival, a Mistle Thrush, came to say hello and delivered vocal brilliance singing in his minor key. Perfect acoustics and the ultimate soundtrack to my morning cuppa. xx

3 Feb, 2014


Ah dear poet Ba, a lonesome plight,
that I have seen you write this night..
How could I have been so very cruel,
that lonesome Ash so very tall,
dug up and torn from soil asunder,
at least it's not reduced to lumber!

Oh dear old Laurel could not sing,
no note or tune could from him ring..
For mine was not a lonesome Pine,
(but also not of my design).
A woodland fair would suit it true,
or I could send it on to you!

For I hear you have a Château,
though not as tasty as a gateau..
but with surroundings oh so grand,
you must have dosh and lots of land!
Surely my Ash tree could reside,
within your grounds so huge and wide?

It would be sent by airmail too,
if I can find a bird that flew,
with it upon his feathered back,
maybe a Crane could bear its stack!
And to West Midlands it could fly..
If you don't want it, why should I???? \0/xxxx

4 Feb, 2014


Hi Maggie, lovely to meet you! So glad you enjoyed my blog..
Oh you sound quite the poet indeed with that wonderful description of a Mistle Thrush popping in to say hello..
Gardens can bring the most welcome of visitors can't they? \0/x

4 Feb, 2014


I would love to take the ash from you
But my lands been taken for the HS2:-))

4 Feb, 2014


Are you sure that's not another ruse,
your land a high speed train will use?
We know your enterprise is global
your reputation good and noble..

With your vast fortune, all that stash,
you surely could rehome my Ash??
It's sat within a lonesome pot..
what sort of future has it got??

I would go on but I'm unable..
(You'd have it if it were a table!!!)
It's tall and slim with lots of buds..
and only asking to be loved! \0/xxx

5 Feb, 2014


We'd have it here
if it could fly
but price of posting
I would cry :0 (

An arm , a leg
and branches too
to get it here
to me, from you

unless Ba transport
is free
to bring dear Phil
on home to me......

5 Feb, 2014


Dear Pam your wish is my command
Your problem solver is at hand

For B.A.Transport's hot to go
and B.A.Transport is not slow

Put the pot in in B.A's zone
On your computer just press 'Home'

And next you press upon the 'End'
B.A.T your parcel then will send.

So nothing could be simpler love
and Phil will have his own ash grove:-))

5 Feb, 2014


Over to you
Flori dear
a home for Phil
has been found here

But you must navigate
and maybe grovel
if you use Ba travel.......

remember what happened to Santa.......

5 Feb, 2014


I love the thought 'Phil' has a place,
but I'm wearing here a puzzled face..
I understand the 'End' and 'Home',
but not sure where B.A keeps her Zone!!!

I fear that Ba has passed the buck,
what if indeed my Ash gets stuck??
Her navigation might be cheap,
but Ba Ba's more like bleating sheep!

Tom Tom once lived, alas no more,
(unless she's keeping more in store..)
To navigate my lonesome tree,
could put the wind of fear up me..

I could send it in little chips,
poor 'Phil' would end up lots of bits..
To reassemble might be tough,
and would there quite be glue enough?

I think that our Ba should foot the bill,
(but somehow doubt our buddy will..)
She'll plead a case of poverty..
and leave the damn thing here with me! lol \0/xxx

5 Feb, 2014


Phil is happy in his pot
rather than travelling
with Ba's lot!

a home for him
will surely be
found for him
your lovely tree

6 Feb, 2014


WELL!!!! That's the thanks I get!!!! You can make your own arrangements now ...the offer's withdrawn! /\ /\ (me stomping off) \/ fell over:-)))

6 Feb, 2014


Now now know what happens when you water down the gin!

7 Feb, 2014


Now now Ba, don't lose the plot,
I'd hate to have you in a strop!
Your offer though most kindly meant,
concerned me as to its extent..
For 'Home' and 'End', on your PC,
may differ on my keyboard see?
And my Ash though stuck here alone,
at least in one piece as was grown!
As our Pam says, hiding a grin,
you need more water with your gin,
but you can stumble with such grace,
as I observed when at Tet's place..
So ladylike, you have such style,
and what is more, you make us smile!
So ruffled feathers soothed once more,
what future has my Ash in store...????\0/xxx

7 Feb, 2014


Such trifles we must must aside
adventure calls me thither
An expedition , oh what fun
We'll disregard the weather

A Laureate is what we need
to write the captains log
I've volunteered you Flori
on my missing table blog

Mustachioed and dressed as men
we'll sail the ocean wide
Sing shanties and drink lots of grog
Then throw up o'er the side

Like the home for the bewildered
It will make you feel much better
(Don't leave us high and dry my dear)
but lower and much wetter:-))

7 Feb, 2014


I heard your cry my dearest Ba,
to join you on your blog..
A task you had for me to keep,
the ship's and Captain's log..
Would that log be my Ash tree,
for I fear it's more a twig..
And difficult to write on,
cos it isn't all that big!
But would I leave you stranded,
when I heard your plaintive plea?
I crossed divides to reach you pal,
on your journey 'cross the sea! \0/xxx lol

8 Feb, 2014


I wouldn't dream of harming Phil
so set your fears aside
He'll be quite safe with Raffles
While we cross the ocean wide

I'm pleased as punch you've joined our crew
T'will be like days of yore
And like the Flying Dutchman
We'll go sailing evermore:-))

8 Feb, 2014


Phew Phil is safe, he will be pleased,
as we go on our merry lark..
Though if it keeps on raining here,
he might be needed for the Ark!

I've yet to organise the animals,
which could take a day or two..
but I won't let that delay me,
as I'm a member of your crew..

Are we going international?
Not that I would care too much..
but I thought there would be wages,
it sounds more like we're going dutch! \0/xxx

12 Feb, 2014


Now thats a good idea
its not too far to go
hopefully when we arrive
it won't decide to snow

we could do our national duty
and capture all the folk
to sort the flooding problem
(For we are all flat broke)

Before we go
I think we should
hijack bosses in the bank
they caused our troubles long ago
and we'll make them walk the plank.........

12 Feb, 2014


I'm all for walking bankers,
off a short and dodgy plank!
And wrapping them in iron,
just to make sure they sank!

They have a lot to answer for,
and made our future grim..
while they receive high bonuses,
while we're left to sink or swim..

And talking of high finances,
what is Ba's going rate?
As keeper of the ledger,
I must keep up to date.

I think she'll pull a crafty one,
make us all foot the bill.
That's why she has a château,
Ay, we're just grist t' the mill..\0/xxx

12 Feb, 2014


Pam you are a genius
To Holland we must go
We'll bring back their flood experts
To help us stop the flow

And while we're there some tulip bulbs
And daffodils we'll bring
To brighten up our Country
If we ever get a Spring.

We'll take bankers o'er for ballast
And should the need arise
We'll toss them in the water
So the ship will not capsize

Now Flori dear how could you
On my motives cast aspersions?
Your happiness is all I crave
On our sailing ship excursions.

Just like poor Hans Brinker
I am so loyal and true
My finger I'd stick in the dyke
To save our GOYer crew

My chateau dear I am afraid
Is but a dining room
In a small suburban semi
It dispels the doom and gloom

I pretend that I am living
In a land warmth and sun
No wind and rain to bring me down
Full of laughter, love and fun.

Now I hope your feeling guilty
Has my story made you weep?
Now... I have some high viz jackets
and small mustaches going cheap:-)))

12 Feb, 2014


Your sorry tale had me bereft,
so guilty ridden too..
How could I ever doubt you Ba,
as one of your chosen crew?

I like the sound of Holland's fields,
and Tulips by the score,
We might move closer than we think,
if it continues to pour!

At this rate we won't need John's ship,
as our country will be sailing..
We'll travel across the oceans blue,
as long as we keep bailing!

This 'tash is rather itchy,
can you explain again..
Why we can't be girl power,
but have to be like men?

I like the sound of high-viz coats,
though fear it's not quite fashion..
But as the keeper of the log,
I'll divide up the rations!

I've seen Jj's impressive ship,
his rigging is sublime..
When is it that we all set sail,
so I can be there on time????? \0/xxx

12 Feb, 2014


What an idea flo!
A great floating land!
But I don't really can't wait,
So let's keep to our plan.

Now as to mustaches
and dressing like men
You must take time to look
On my last blog again.

The reason I know not,
But Bloomer decreed.
So that's just how it is
We must follow her lead:-))

12 Feb, 2014


If we pull anchor today
We'd be delay
The wind is ahowling
A hooley they say

Not easy to steer tho
With sails at the ready
I'm not sure I manage
To keep Blighty steady

We're sinking you know
The south will go first
Dear Scotlands ok
Its rising in bursts

All do to the iceage
All squashing the land
But bouncing about
Was really not planned

Whats to do
Cap'n Ba
If we sail near or far
We need engines to give us a boost

We could harness a bird
Or two......thats absurd!
But then so are most of my word!

12 Feb, 2014


If all britain drowns
except in the Highlands
there's no need for the vote
On Scots independence:-))

12 Feb, 2014


Thats the thing though.....we don't get to vote!

12 Feb, 2014


I have a Scottish grandad if that counts?:-)

13 Feb, 2014


Difficult to say, how about all the Scots who are south of the border....

13 Feb, 2014


If this rain continues, we'll all have to emigrate to Scotland and sit on Ben Nevis;-))

13 Feb, 2014


But would poor Ben Nevis mind ??? He must have a wide lap indeed to support us all and be a very friendly
I'm down here in the southwest so better get my water wings inflated! You've all got a head start on! \0/\0/\0/xxx

14 Feb, 2014


Is that you waving or drowning Flori........

14 Feb, 2014



15 Feb, 2014


~~~~~/0\ ~~~~~


15 Feb, 2014


Ok clever you made me giggle at that..\0/xxx

21 Feb, 2014


Oh my goodness I don't know how I ever missed this one, just spent the last half hour laughing my cotton socks off,
( in my case they are surgical and really trendy, lol,) don't know where you are Flori but thanks anyway, Ba and Pam too, its hilarious....

19 Jul, 2015

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