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This is Kevin Howcroft also known as ‘fixerkev’. I am writing this blogg to determine how much interest there is in knowing how to grow your own Giant Vegetable and show them.

Alf Howcroft, who is an uncle of mine and an expert in this field as he has been growing giant vegetables almost all of his life.

He has appeared on U.K. T.V showing his winning produce and is entered a number of times in the Guiness Book of Records, (check it out). This I think qualifies him as an authority on growing Giant Vegetables.
I became interested in his hobby when I was quite young and attempted to grow my own giant carrots.
I thought that as carrots are made up mostly of water, giving them plenty to drink would make them grow big and fast.
How wrong can you be, the carrots were very, very small and I could not understand why they had not grown big like his.

When I told uncle Alf about the carrots I had grown, he just started laughing. I know that most of you gardeners out there will know why he was laughing but I had no idea.
Then he told me one of his little tips, that if you give carrots lots of water they have no need to grow down to find it, consequently they stay small, as mine did.
He then told me what I should do to make them grow bigger and the next year boy oh boy did they grow.

Due to my continued interest in this subject and uncle Alf’s failing health, he has decided to pass on the secrets of his immense success.
I am in the process of compiling a series of articles which will enable gardeners the world over to enjoy the success that he has had and intend to release them shortly.

If you would be interested in these articles, then drop me an e-mail at: and when I have completed them I will contact you.

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Yes I would like to know your uncle secret thank let me know more.

2 May, 2009


sound very interesting fixerkev, I just wish that i had the room to grow veg. xxx

3 May, 2009

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