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I am trying to do my part, yet have some grass in the desert. What I have done is run a drip line under the grass. The drippers are spaced one foot apart and it is the first year I have really used it and my water bill stayed at the minimum. I have maybe 4,500 square feet of grass. The drip system does not waste water by spraying on sidewalk, cars, house ect. The system floods from beneath. It was the first such system done in my area. It was alot more work but I think it will work out. My automatic system is set for 10 min every other day.

I have a 1/3 acre lot and the rest is bark and plants. Each plant has its own dripper. Waters once a week. I used only water wise plants (russian sage, lavendar ect) and a few grasses. The yard has been in a year and starting to grow well. I have only culinary water available to me so I have to be careful with water use or it will cost me.

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I'm glad you've got a way of using your water wisely.
We have too much here. It rains all the time.
Welcome to GOY.

26 Oct, 2008


Seems like all your hard work in preparing the water system is paying off well.
I'll be interested to hear which other water-wise plants you chose in addition to the sage and lavender.
Sounds great !
And welcome to GoY
Enjoy :o)

27 Oct, 2008


Welcome to GOY!! Great job conserving water.

27 Oct, 2008


Hi - welcome from me, too. Does your water conservation mean that your area is a dry one? As Hywel said, we certainly haven't had any water problems this year - it seems to have rained most of the time!

27 Oct, 2008


Welcome from me aswell ,great idea but like they say we dont have that problem here, this year, infact where i am in the northwest of england we have'nt had a hose pipe ban for afew years.

27 Oct, 2008

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