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A HUSBAND is the sort of man who tries to help you all he can; but somehow, never quite succeeds in doing what the garden needs.
He likes to lie & smoke his pipe,& wonder if the pears are ripe; or else he’ll smell the mignonette before he lights a cigarette.
But, ask him if he’ll clear the dump, or carry water from the pump, & he will make some fine excuse—- in fact, he’s not the slightest use.

Alternatively, Be Kind to your Husband

Be kind to your husband, he’s had a hard day; Don’t ask him to clear all that rubbish away.
Be kind to your husband, ‘Tis rest that he needs, so just let him talk while you pull up the weeds.
Be kind to your husband, he woke with the dawn; ’Twill soothe him to see you are mowing the lawn.
Be kind to your husband, he’s got "such " a head, so water the roses & put him to bed. R Arkell

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I like the second one best..........but you'd expect that! Ha ha!

27 Jun, 2013


Lol feverfew a note to all new wives, if you follow the second one to the letter he will improve in leaps and bounds on those jobs in the first one or maybe I just found a gem 50 years ago. In the past two years he has even started to learn the latin names of some of my plants.

27 Jun, 2013


Thanks for your comments. Pleased for your good luck Scotsgran & congrats on your 50yrs. Have you had the celebration yet?

27 Jun, 2013


Oh yes. Quiet family do at the end of March. We had our big celebration when we reached 40 years. There was still aunts and uncles around and it was a nice opportunity to celebrate with all the family and friends. We went back to the village where we got married and had to have a dinner dance in a different hotel because "our hotel" closed years ago. Many of us went to the church where we celebrated our marriage, on theactual anniversary on the Sunday morning. My niece had to rush off back to England for the birth of her first baby so missed the party but we have no difficulty remembering her daughters birthday. We have had our ups and downs but yes we were very lucky or as we believe somebody up there is looking after us.

27 Jun, 2013


A lovely story. Wish it was the same for us all.

27 Jun, 2013


Yes the second one is good advice I should know we are in our 51st year of marriage !

27 Jun, 2013


It will be 56 for us this August. Can't believe it!

(The verse makes me feel guilty as my husband is the gardener and I am the "dreamer". He won't stop working and refuses help in the garden.
On the plus side for me I have been helping sort out the terrace. Have taken images as the work progressed, so watch this space!)

27 Jun, 2013


Its all about team work Kidsgran and Eirlys. I think we maybe had more realistic hopes and dreams but I remember the mother of my sons best friend saying that she thought she and her husband and us were the only married couples, in the boys class, who were still with their original partner. I'll look forward to seeing those photos.

27 Jun, 2013


It's obviously your hubby's hobby, Eirlys & keeps him occupied & happy. One can spend ages in a garden, time just flies. If you want to get in on the act, perhaps you could demand a corner of your own, where only you decides what goes in? He should grant you that after 56 yrs together! Look forward to seeing your pics, best wishes. F.

28 Jun, 2013


That's why I still believe in works it's magic over time.
Not for me. For others. Lol.
More superb wisdom from Mr Arkell, Fever.
That book of verse is worth it's weight in gold, at the very least! ;-)

9 Sep, 2013

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