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Tom Thumb type cactus


Yesterday I was cleaning my windows & moved a tray of this cactus onto a chair. Needless to say perhaps but I forgot I’d put it there, & sat down on it heavily!A not to be repeated experience,( I hope)! Hywel, the cactus is fine, don’t worry & I’ve picked all the spines out of you know where!

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Hi Feverfew ..
That's such a relief to know that the cactus suffered no harm... Lol...

... oh, and that you are fine too. ;o)

14 Feb, 2013



14 Feb, 2013


Oh! heck...sorry.... couldn't help laughing.... :o))

14 Feb, 2013


OOOh, nasty!

14 Feb, 2013


hahaha ! that was funny ... but not for you.

It reminded me of the time I was carrying my cacti upstairs to put them on the windowsills for winter. I had put one on each step because I was doing it gradually.

Then the cat wanted food and was meaowing loudly at me, so I went in a hurry to feed her.
Needless to say I slipped on the top step, and bumped my way down the stairs, taking the cacti all with me !

I ended up by the front door, surrounded by cacti, and full of spines, ...... and laughing so much I couldn't get up ...

The cat just stared in amazement !

I'm glad you're all right after your misadventure ;o)

14 Feb, 2013


Oops, thats a classic moment and sorry but I laughed as well, pleased you and the cactus are ok...

14 Feb, 2013


Great that you laughed anyway!

14 Feb, 2013


I bet the cat was thinking,what weird things humans do! I take it your cacti were not damaged either.their defence mechanisms obviously do the trick for them.I was surprised that after falling all the way down the stairs that you were laughing & unhurt.Glad my little accident raised a few laughs. We need to keep cheerful as we wait for spring.

15 Feb, 2013


Yes, the cacti were all right. They had come out of their pots and there was compost all over the place. I had a bruise on my shoulder and thigh ... but that was all :o)
I had to laugh. It must have looked so funny :D

15 Feb, 2013


Ha ha ha ha........sorry, I mean, how terrible!!!!
Thanks for sharing!!

22 Feb, 2013

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