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Hello All,
Belated Happy New Year ro everyone.

I have been very busy catching up on what I should have been doing when I was gardening last year, but satisfied that I have ticked off a lot of those jobs that one puts off even if they are pleasant or not difficult.

What is happening in the garden at the moment has me scratching my head vigorously and I note from other blogs which I have much enjoyed reading, that wiser people than myself are equally perplexed.

The pigeons are getting talkative, there are little green spears coming up everywhere, the winter pansies are surviving prettily and the garden is scattered with flowering fuschias and primroses.You are all experiencing surprising events and it seems to me that in a year or so we shall have to rewrite all the gardening books in accordance with climate changes.

I am reluctant to decapitate the fuschias, but if I don’t will that reduce their performance later? I would be grateful for some advice on that point.

I have enjoyed looking at all the new photographs and am sorry to hear that both Shirley Tulip and Tetrarch have had health problems. I wish you both a speedy return to full bloom.

I hope to be in touch more regularly again


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Hiya there Felin, good to hear from you, perplexed is what lots of us are, amazed as well, its good to still have the flowers though how they are surviving at the moment is a mystery as its biddy cold out there and armchair gardening is the way today, has been since last Fri, its a shock to ones system after being spoilt so long, having to thaw the birdbaths daily, mustn`t grumble though, at least it gives one an excuse to venture out, lol...
Furry friends look very comfy in the sunshine..
Best Wishes for 2012 xx..

16 Jan, 2012


Nice to hear from you once again! This winter is one of the strangest in a long, long while! Such a mild November & rainy December. Not having seen much rain during the year, we were declared to be in drought on two occasions last year, after both declarations we had a lot of rain, it was strange to hardly go a day without at least a little rain! We probably had more rain in December than in the whole of the year before!

Lots of summer plants kept on flowering for months after they should normally have been dead. What about Roses? They were in flower up to, & into, the New Year!

Lots of people saying their Daffs have been in flower for a week or more! I've not even seen a bud around here yet! Crocuses are out in force - at least the yellow ones are! I've several open on my balcony & around town I see them opening in people's gardens as well. I even saw a clump of Snowdrops in flower from the very beginning of December to the start of the New Year!

18 Jan, 2012


Thanks for your comments Lincslass and Balcony and thank you for the "Likes" Nana d, Karensusan6 and Drc726. We all seem to be writing a diary of the incredible year 2011.

Have had really hard frost (looked like snow on the car) for a couple of days at the beginning of the week and that looks to have put the stop-out flowers in their place. Not all of them are gone, but the garden does look more like it should in winter.

More anon.

19 Jan, 2012


I'm late to blogs, Felinfan, but pleased to see yours and that you too are perplexed by the strange start to the year! ... I have had one bunch of 3 Daffs in bloom for over 2 weeks now ... a few Snowdrops are out ... a Rudbeckia has not stopped flowering since the Summer ... Lavender still keeps throwing out blooms ... all very peculiar! ... I see the cats are warming up the soil in your garden! ... I hope you receive good advice on the Fuchsias ... not something I know very much about ... Thankyou for your good wishes ... I shall be back to good health before too long ... :o))

26 Jan, 2012

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