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I have recently started the process of looking for a new home in Shropshire/Cheshire. It is, in fact, a first home.

I can’t wait!! The prospect of buying a place and being able to make it my own is hugely exciting.

What I’m looking for ideally is a house that needs very little work but a garden that I can really go to town on.

Now, I’m no gardener, so this is going to be a pretty steep learning curve but one, I think, that could lead to a truly unique garden. I’m hoping for enough room to be able to grow a few veggies but, other than that, am yet to make too many plans (can’t do much until I know what the garden will look like).

I think I’m quite a creative person so will be looking to create a space that I will want to spend as much time in as possible.

I’ll certainly keep you all updated in the hope that you will be able to offer me advice as thing progress (I know I’ll need it). As soon as a house is decided on and bought, I’ll get some pics up.

N.B. the buying process may take a few months as I try and secure a mortgage which I am quickly discovering will not be the easiest of tasks at the moment!

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Good luck with your search Everedge - hope you find something you love soon (with lots of space for a great garden!) Welcome to GOY. When visiting the UK a few years back, I went to a wedding in a country garden in Shropshire - outstanding countryside!

9 Jul, 2009


Welcome to GoY Everedge.G ood luck with getting the mortgage, not easy times for that but once you have you will be well placed as a prospective buyer. All sellers love a first time buyer with no chain. Let us see pics of your 'blank canvas' before you get too enthusiastic with it, we like before and after pictures.

9 Jul, 2009


Welcome to GoY If it's advice you want you have definately logged on to the right place, I am sure everyone will help, we have some very knowledgable members here and it's a family atmosphere too, with lots of laughs and a few jokes as well. Good luck searching and even better luck with the mortgage as I think that is the most stressful time of house hunting.

9 Jul, 2009


"I went to a wedding in a country garden in Shropshire - outstanding countryside"

It really is!

Lily2 - If I can get on the property ladder now I'll be well set in a few years time. But getting on is not easy.

I'll definately get before and after pics on as well as a number of 'during' shots I'm sure.

9 Jul, 2009


"even better luck with the mortgage as I think that is the most stressful time of house hunting."

Thanks Bob, I'm finding that out for myself pretty rapidly!

9 Jul, 2009


Welcome to GoY Everedge, Hope you get your dream house and garden (and mortgage) :~))
Can't wait to see the before/during/after photo's.

Good luck and fingers crossed..........Ian

9 Jul, 2009


Cheers Ian. I'll be lucky to get my dream house first time around I'm sure.

That said, I have seen some places which, just a couple of years ago, would have been far out of my reach that are suddenly much more affordable.

9 Jul, 2009


Its definately a buyers market at the minute. You might get your dream home first time round, you never know :~))

9 Jul, 2009


Very true Ian

9 Jul, 2009


Good luck ! and welcome to GoY :o)

9 Jul, 2009

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