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Winter Walk - February 1, 2009


By elke


We decided to go for a local walk as it was such a beautiful sunny morning – relatively warm too, only minus 3C. With the fresh fall of snow, everything was clean and fresh. It was also amazingly peaceful – we met only 2 cars along the way, and 2 barking dogs who were probably surprised to see anyone out walking. We also had a mature bald eagle circling overhead, but I couldn’t get a clear shot.

First, a little Nova Scotian home, abandoned I believe, but lovingly built for someone, and with a pretty little apple tree in the front garden.

A little further up the road:

A view into the dense woods. Obviously not old growth, it must have been logged out about 30-40 years ago, and no doubt will be again soon. A lot of the spruce around here are dying, infested with the spruce bud worm:

This black spruce, however, had been spared, both by loggers and by the worm. It must be over 100 years old. Woodworkers will appreciate the very tall straight bole.

Some twigs in the ditch with a dusting of snow. Nice to see some open water!

There have been some issues with people cutting lumber on property that does not belong to them. Hence signs like this one everywhere. Love the signpost though!

Some dried grass seed catching the sun:

Almost home -some of our neighbours’ farms along the valley below us. Our house is at the top right.

A little closer:

The last stretch before we reach the Lighthouse Route in front of our property. You can just see the Canadian flag on the right, halfway up the drive to the barn.

Arnold’s farm – for those of you who read my NS Vernacular blog, note the Lunenburg bump:

Now we’re home in time for hot chocolate and to put the chicken in the oven to roast for Sunday lunch.
Hope you enjoyed the walk.
Bye for now!

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I hope you were well-wrapped up, Elke! It looks SOOO cold - but such a beautiful blue sky! Thanks for taking us along with you, :-)

1 Feb, 2009


I am glad you did the walking! I just did the looking.

You have a very beautiful house. I look forward to some walks when there is no snow.

Thanks Elke

1 Feb, 2009


A beautiful walk ,thankyou.The little abandoned house looked quite forlorn.....

1 Feb, 2009


What a lovely day to take these pictures taking into consideration the snow.

1 Feb, 2009


lovely walk Elke and great photos

1 Feb, 2009


I sure enjoyed the "walk" down tbe New Zealand and Back roads with you today!

1 Feb, 2009


Thanks for taking me with you on your walk. I enjoyed it very much from my nice warm conservatory. :o) You live in a beautiful area.

2 Feb, 2009


Thank you Elke, I thoroughly enjoyed that walk!

2 Feb, 2009


Nothing much happening in the garden at the moment, so thought that was better than nothing. How are you all coping with the snow in the UK???

2 Feb, 2009


We do not have a lot here at the moment, I am just over the England/Wales border. Several heavy flurries but no more than that.....yet! I do hope we have no more as we are due to fly out on holiday on Wednesday and tomorrow we have to take our dog to a friend 2 hours away who is going to look after him! Not had a 'proper' holiday for 2 years so really don't want to be snow-bound! Any other time I would not mind so much!

2 Feb, 2009


Good luck, Pottygardener! Hope you have a great holiday - take lots of photos for us!

2 Feb, 2009

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