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Weekend Away ... Part One


By dwyllis


I haven’t been on GoY for a while, due to other commitments, so thought it was high time I popped in for a visit before I head off to work. Two weeks ago, I went away for the weekend with my husband David, ostensibly to meet up with some girlfriends I hadn’t seen for several months … a two hour drive from where we live. So I had lunch with two of them, & met up with some others for an enjoyable couple of hours in the afternoon, whilst David enjoyed American ice hockey on the Sky Sports channel back at the motel.

Saturday was a drizzly damp summer’s day, but Sunday turned out to be blazing hot & totally gorgeous, so I was able to take lots of photos as we walked around a lovely & very quaint colonial small town called Greytown & a larger town called Carterton, both of which are sited within half an hour of driving from the city of Masterton where we were staying, & within a 10 minute drive of one another. Greytown is a very popular place …. very pretty & has lots of great antique shops to explore & old colonial buildings to view. There are some lovely gardens in that area too …. it is the most expensive places to reside in within the huge area of the Wairarapa. Whilst enjoying the sights of Greytown, we were lucky enough to see a parade of wonderful early vintage vehicles driving along the High Street. A real bonus!

The garden at the entrance to the motel we stayed at.

Same garden as above.

Some lovely flowers growing in the entrance to the motel.

Some pretty but unknown roses at the entrance to the motel.

My favourite place to visit in Greytown …. a wonderful colonial building housing an even more wonderful antique shop.

The small courtyard of another antique shop in Greytown.

I have no idea what this tree is called, but it is big & the creamy-white waxy flower is large & reminiscent of a magnolia.

I thought this front border along one of the sidestreets in the centre of Greytown, was just too pretty not to photograph. As with everywhere in the North Island at the moment, there are Agapanthus everywhere.

Pretty colonial building in Greytown, which used to be the old Bakery in Victorian times. Now a lawyer’s office.

This gigantic Historic Australian Eucalyptus tree is growing next to a church in the Greytown High Street.

My husband David admiring the huge Australian Eucalyptus in Greytown.

David standing next to the trunk of the huge Australian Eucalyptus tree in Greytown.

Husband David being silly with a wonderful antique garden statue in another of Greytown’s speciality antique centres. Wouldn’t I just love this lion in my garden! But the price …. I could buy myself another car!

Not sure what this is rambling over a fence in Greytown, but I think I have seen it in pink also.

I thought this was a very interesting thing to display in one’s front garden, right on the footpath in front of a home in the main street of Greytown … not even chained down. As I collect antique dolls, I was Very Tempted!!!!

Beautiful early vintage car in Greytown.

I spotted these on the pavement of the Greytown High Street. Not my style of garden decoration, but I think they could look rather fun in a large rural garden. Well-made & not too pricey …. & colourful. Made of metal.

David & I had breakfast here, before enjoying the sights of Greytown … spoilt slightly by a rude waitress, & crowded with people enjoying the sudden hot sunny morning after the chilly wet day before.

A lovely big old-fashioned fuschia shrub. I had one like this in my previous garden, though not so big.

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A welcome touch of summer for us here in the northern hemisphere! Beautiful flowers. I didn't know eucalyptus grew as big as that!

23 Feb, 2012


Thank you for taking us on a wonderful trip,lovely flowers as well ,I loved the tree :)

24 Feb, 2012


Looks like you had a really nice trip there Dwyllis. Thank you for sharing it with us. Im amazed at the agapanthus photo - they seem to be growing like weeds! One of my favourite flowers.

24 Feb, 2012


I like the fuschia, looks fantastic growing like that.
The little bike reminds me of the film "Saw" spooky!

24 Feb, 2012


I love that three wheeled trike and I like the metal objects, quite quirky. Nice trip Dwyllis.

24 Feb, 2012


LOL Willinilli ..... I haven't seen that film but I have a good imagination. I'm guessing something sinister? Now that I look at the photo again, I guess it does look a bit spooky ... as if the child who was riding it, has suddenly vanished.

Grandmage, I agree .... I like quirky items in a garden. I have more photos, so will put up another blog tomorrow.

25 Feb, 2012

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