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By dwyllis


Wrote a short blog & attempted to load up two photos, but after I had waited ages, I was taken to a white page which said 502 Bad Gateway. I waited about 10 mins, then rewrote the short blog, & this time attempted to load up just one photo, but it was a repeat of my previous attempt. Hope the problem resolves soon, as haven’t been on site for a few days & looking forward to putting up a blog & some pics of our gardening progress & a lovely big GC we visited & the plants we bought.

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I havent got the right camera Dwyllis, am rather glad !
Just enjoy the pictures everyone else sends.
I can really smell the scent of the Roses. Is this auto-suggestion ?

26 Oct, 2011


Dwyllis..I had the same message early morning about a week ago..but it was fine later in the day.Apparently it was a 'Firefox' fault,as they all went down where my Daughter's partner works as it isn't GoY..hope this pics have been very slow this week,when adding to a's never happened before,so I don't know why that is happening..

26 Oct, 2011


Dwyllis when you write a blog it does go into drafts, so at least your writing can be saved, you then can try again with photos the next day maybe!

26 Oct, 2011


Where would I find Drafts Grandmage? Have looked around but can't find that.

26 Oct, 2011


Ah, now I am not sure, if you go to write a blog on the drop down menu and click that, I think it is there on the left! Does it say your draft blog? Hope I have told you write, i can find my own but when it comes to telling someone else its different. Hope its there, it will be.

26 Oct, 2011


When writing a blog, I think it says save and edit but not sure you can save to come back later.

27 Oct, 2011


It saves any blog Anjie in 'drafts' ! I tried it yesterday, I wrote some gobbledygook into a pretend blog and it automatically saved it in a draft file! I did delete as well! :~)

27 Oct, 2011


Ah that's good to know then. Thanks Grandmage. How are u keeping these days?

28 Oct, 2011


I am very well thank you Anjie, busy with the family but thats nice 'busy' if you know what I mean and have been very busy in the garden, it is all looking very nice now shame winter is upon us soon!! Hope you Ok?

28 Oct, 2011

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