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Did any one see ?


By dungy

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Morning all,
Did anyone see the tv program last night ref stormy uk?

It really was a well put together program and one you couldn’t help feel for the victims of the storms,

All sorts of people suffering, from farmers to those living near the sea to those just living on estates,

We sat here infront of the fire and thought "we did the right thing when we decided to up sticks and move to a house that hadn’t had any form of human life in it for 25 years,
Some people thought we we’re mad (and at times so did we)
when we had those days we’re we felt like giving up
But we both knew we couldnt go back,
We couldn’t of bought back our old house for what we’d sold it for and so it was just a case of “you made your knew bed ’now lay in it”

And if anyone of those people we watched last night have any thought of moving to the likes of france,
“Maybe your near retirement” and have the idea of should we!!!
Well i can tell you in this area “very very country” and really for those who can live in a place thats not really moved a lot in 40 years,
I say this because we dont really have crime, litter,
etc and it’s a very slow life style, Nobody really runs "not when they can walk,
Then property here has also not really moved much up the ladder,
We still see property thats been up for sale for the 11 years we’ve owned ours,
lots of the homes do need work of them but what home left empty for years stays fresh?
Some do need updating, but again if your willing to do or have the work done then your on to a good thing

And one thing for sure living in the countryside every home has a garden and as the norm big gardens in ref to the size of the average uk gardens,

But again they also have been left to nature and need bringing back to what you feel is your idea of a garden.

So for those who may think they dont want to take the chance of another winter of floods etc ?
Moving and starting again can work “It has for us”.

So dont give up ! Have another think.

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