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By dungy


Morning all,
Ive just read the bbc daily news “as i do most warnings” and then the blogs page on this forum,
And it was while i was reading one of the members blogs that i couldnt help but think why is it some people only find crime and dont seem to be able to find what we all enjoy ie the garden/countryside life and all its offers,?

I was’nt born in the countryside and only found it as i got to the teenage years and could go my own way in life

“But i could & did read about such things as the countryside, growing food/flowers etc.

Fran, did a really good blog today showing the start of the early spring /late winter flowers popping up,
If you’ve anything in your head other than crime you just can’t help but wonder,

“how do such little bulbs make it through the harsh winter and all nature has to offer and living just a few inch in some cases under the soil

How do they do it??
But coming back to todays and most days news,
if some of these crime seeking people put just a little bit of their time into looking at the likes of natual life they’d be brilliant, and they’d be the winners in life.

Well ive 8 sets of paws all waiting for the kitchen stable door top half to open and their daily “morning treat”
of cut up toast to appear,
they all sit and the toast is cut into little squares and each catches its own piece as its thrown to them and when the last piece has gone, they’re told “all gone”
and they walk away and hunt around the garden for what they can find,
“Just the simple life” But what a life.
Have a nice one folks.

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Hi Dungy you are talking about all those people in the T/V newsroom looking to be so busy.
I just wonder how much they get paid for sitting there trawling this country, searching for nasty things to put on
the next newscast ? They are having a great time this week having discovered children are molested.
Then the woman whose read all the crime, plus things to depress us, says " I will be back again in half an hour, do
join me again soon." Some hopes say I - I have only stayed this long hoping for some Royal Family or dog stories.
Roll on Spring and a new series of ' Beechgrove Garden.
They give me the news I like to hear !

25 Feb, 2014


I've got to the point where I read the headlines on the bbc app!
then just choose the interesting ones.....did you see the petrified forest in Wales uncovered by the recent storms......incredible

25 Feb, 2014


I had the news on constantly whilst watching about the flooding but have to admit that normally I read the headlines check what interests me decide if I can do something about whats going on and then move on...
I saw that Pam, I'd love to go see that.......

25 Feb, 2014


I did see the forest on the beach! (At least there were several in various places and I saw one of them)
You wouldn't have know what it was though, as until you got really close it just looked like more rocks.

25 Feb, 2014


There is a forest under the
Antartic too at one time the uk use to be south of the Equator Scotland use to sit on the equator line.

As for crime those that sit in that big building down in London, make sure there is crime as so to make work for this country and make insurers richer I thought you all knew this, so they have to advertise crime as to put a seed in others minds to keep the country going, if they stopped benefits your house , car , etc would be gone anarchy and rampage would fill the streets of the uk, which they know this so hence benefits are given. If some one robs your home, you either have to call a chippy or locksmith glazier, then claim off the insurance which then puts your insurance up. get it. !!!

25 Feb, 2014


Prehistoric forest in Cardigan bay.....

I promise can see the rings, looks incredible......

25 Feb, 2014


Hi Diane,
I did read a bit of "doggy" news today that could be right up your street,
It was a dog that went missing "I think it was 4 years ago"
Out of a ladies garden and she went looking for it around the estate she lived in
But didnt find the dog and after a while she gave up thinking she'd never see the dog again.

But yesterday she got a call from the dog warden to ask
"Do you own a dog with chip number etc etc etc "

Yes we did or we do,
The dog still knew its old owner and thanks to the chip system both owner & dog are together again.
The story ended with the RSPCA saying chipping your dog can help if the animal is ever lost or injured.

So Diane I hope this has made your day,

PS Im like you i like the "good" animal stories but hate to hear about dogs being put to sleep,
Most of the time its not the dogs fault its people not understanding the ways and needs of an animal,

Ive always said it it's to easy to be able to own a dog or cat,
Hence instead of the so called pet lovers being investigated to see the conditions the animal will live in the dogs are let go to some really bad places to live the rest of their lives in.

But if everyone did chip their dogs "a few" people would be asked a few questions as to the dogs condition and why the dogs are rescued by the likes of the RSPCA.

Only this week a woman put her cat in the "Micro wave" for 1 minute ,
The RSPCA said it took the cat one and a half hours to die,
She will go to court and i hope her name and everyone in her local area knows what a bitch she is, "I really do"
As far as im concerned she has just crossed that line of evil "no re-turn".
If for some reason you dont like "cats" Then fine, thats your life, nobody should say anyone has to like this animal or that animal
But to kill an animal in the way that cat was killed is just wicked,
As ive stood up and said "evil"
But my wife has a saying she's had for years
"What goes round comes round"

25 Feb, 2014


Definitely with you on this one Dungy, name and shame them...
.Some news I did follow locally was the story of the horses living in lousy conditions on flooded ground, people got the police and RSPCA on the job plus a petition and organised a protest, although one horse could not be rescued the rest were and have now been sorted out thank goodness, the person who owned them will be watched carefully in future as his name and face have been plastered all over the web and telly news..

25 Feb, 2014


Oh heck I'm Iciar again, no idea why Dungy its actually lincs............

25 Feb, 2014


PamG, do you know which beach it was?

25 Feb, 2014


If you put skeletal trees cardigan bay into google and look for the article in the Guardian it should come up.
they have been dated at around 4,500-6000 years old
called skeletal trees of Borth and are between Borth and Ynyslas (if I spelt it correctly)

26 Feb, 2014


I am getting muddled up with Iciar and Stamford Sally
that should confuse things even further.

26 Feb, 2014


That's a long way north of here Pam. It seems to have happened round a lot of the coast though. There are a couple places in Pembs. where similar remains are exposed regularly at extra low tides.

26 Feb, 2014


Its not you thats muddled Diane its Goy, it sometimes brings me up as Iciar but doesn't allow me to edit the comments so I cannot do anything about it......

26 Feb, 2014

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