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Nice early start to the day


By dungy


Good morning all,
Well its nice and warm outside just now, the birds are singing and our nieghbours cat “guqees’set” has just had a cuddle on the bench near the old apple tree,

“She’s a lovely cat she really is & so kind”
ive found many a dead creature she’s left me on the front step,
Its got that way that if we have any early in the day visitors “the boss” shouts to me
“Have you pulled the chain & Is the front step clear of dead things??????

Ive always pulled the chain so i dont know where that one comes from.

Anyway its back to the gite and the making it look nice day,
Im hoping the paint work in the wardrobes has dried nice and it’ll be all window’s open all day today as the weather for the next 8 days is forcast hot and sunny (28°) on some of the days,

The french got it right when they designed windows that open inwards not only can all the windows be cleaned without ladders being used “but” you can have the storm shutters closed and the windows wide open of an night and still have a nice air circulation without the attack by moths,

If one thing i really do not like in the summer is “flies”
they are the price you pay for having nice weather and as ive said before the french sometimes live 30 years behind the rest of the world and fly catching traps are no exception here "you’ll see loads of those hanging sticky strips hanging from windows half full of the lastes victory in fly catching,

ohhhhhhhh they really make my stomech crawl,

It’s a bit like who ever invented those blue lighted bbq devices you’ll see in some cafe’s or restaurants in every customers eye view,

Just as your about to load the food into your mouth you hear this buzzing and there for all to see is the makings of the next eccles cake being cremated in front of your very eye’s !!!
It’s times like this when you say to your partner “Are you enjoying your meal” buzzzzzzzzzzzz and another one hits the dust.

Well its well past the time i should have left so i’ll just say “only today to go and then its the weekend again”
And for those who have to work “a well earned rest and more work in the garden”.

Be good, enjoy the day and remember “your a long time dead” So smile look daft "but most of all be HAPPY.
Regards Dungy.

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have a great day in the sunshine Dungy, hope the flies don't bother you too much. I remember those blue light things to cremate flies from my youth, not seen any for a long time though, you brought back some interesting memories!

I'm off to a local ice cream farm at lunchtime with a group of colleagues from work. I'll be able to sit out in the sunshine, eat mint choc chip ice cream and admire the countryside all around. Can't wait!:))

5 Jul, 2013


Couldn't agree more about windows, Dungy ... so many ingenious but impractical gadgets have been on the market for window-cleaning yet simply designing windows to open inwards would make cleaning so much easier (but put many window cleaners out of work).
Hope you find your paintwork has dried without any insects stuck to it, they are like children and seem to be drawn to wet paint, Lol.
I bet your gite looks very inviting after all your hard work, any photos?

5 Jul, 2013


The windows sound like something we could copy here - it would be great. There aren't any window cleaners where we live. Its me or nothing, and usually the latter. OH told me when we got married that he liked cleaning windows but in 43 years he has only cleaned them once.
guqee'set is a funny name - is it a version of poussiquette? (just an inspiration!) Hope you enjoyed your painting.

5 Jul, 2013


Oh Louisa like the idea of an ice cream farm. Do they grow them or breed them,? either way I would give it a go

5 Jul, 2013


Jenfren, you made me smile! They breed the cows that the milk comes from to make the ice cream. You can see the calves in a big barn that will grow up to join the herd and produce milk for future ice cream. I really enjoyed my visit there today:)

5 Jul, 2013


you can't call them window cleaners!!!!
what are you thinking of?

They are visual technician's.

No wonder some people can't get their windows visual tech cleaned .

5 Jul, 2013


Lol, and there was me thinking I consulted visual technicians when I need new specs! Mind, my specs aren't much cleaner than my wndows ..... I bought some of that stuff to spray on immaculately clean car windows a while back, the stuff that repels water and dirt, thought I would try it on my windows but I have yet to get them clean enough to give it a go. Any suggestions on how to achieve smear-free glass? Do you think it will repel smudges from doggy noses too?

6 Jul, 2013


Interesting about the windows Dungy, I wonder why we've never copied it here, such a simple idea:-)

22 Jul, 2013

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