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Hello folks, What is a garden?


By dungy


Well it’s the 1st of june today and ive had a full day in the garden,
The sun has been out and only a very light shower about 7-30pm So ive got a lot done today.

9 years ago i fitted a set of 6feet high double metal gates to the end of our driveway,
Now this meant building two pillars and then fitting the gates to the pillars and this left a slight gap at the side of these pillars we’re the hedge was & these two hedges run 45 feet long on each side of the driveway
So i had no choice but to leave a slight gap on the sides of these two pillars, (about 6 inch )

At the time i gave a lot of thought to the best way to bridge these two gaps and in the end i planted two hawthorn bush plants,

Well as it was such a nice day today ive been trying to tidy up the front appearance of the house garden and it was only as i looked up the drive that i really did think to myself those gates & hawthorn really do look like they’ve been there for 50 years, they really do go well together.

I was never any good at art as a school boy “didnt understand any of it”
But when you stop and think about gardening the lawns the blank canvas and everything fits around it,
All the buildings ie shed, greenhouse, rose arch, arbour,
etc all have to blend in and then the things that are for all the year round ‘like tree’s, bushes, hedges, and the hedges both box and privet again need to fit in without looking out of place,

Im keen on bends rather than straight edged borders finshed off with box hedge work.
But you can still use some of the old ideas for those paths in the lawn or veg patch and one idea ive used for years now is the use of broken clay roof tiles for paths,

It’s a very easy thing to make a good looking and usable path with these old clay roof tiles that really will last for years & years.
If after you’ve broken the tiles into small pieces you put them into a cement mixer with a little water (to keep dust down) and just let the mixer turn the clay tiles over for 5 mins, you’ll have pieces that have no sharp edges but a more rounded edge and these really do look nice all the year round as a path,

they stay a nice warming clay colour and if put down approx 3 inch deep will stop weeds popping through.

Ive done this pathway idea here and edged bothsides with miniture box hedging and it works great for all barrow work and really sets the lawn off.

It’s those little extra things that show your garden off such as a circle cut around your trees and small plants set in the circle that set’s the scene for more colour,

Gardening isn’t just about plants/bulbs & tree’s it’s also about construction and this can mean making your shed into a feature with hanging baskets, troughs & outside solar lighting,
A place to sit and relax “admire your efforts” think, cry,remember.
but have something that you have put your mark on.

You get out of your garden what you put into it.
Good gardening to you all.

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Love to see some pictures of your garden, it sounds so interesting.

1 Jun, 2013


I agree, please can we see some photos Dungy:)

1 Jun, 2013


I can only imagine(as you're keeping us all guessing Dungy) but I just feel there must be some similarities between parts of yours and my gardens as I agree with a lot of the points you make above.Ilove box hedging(which reminds me...I must trim them , after all, it was Derby Day today!!!!) along paths and around borders and lawns! I love sharp edges to grass, but not necessarily straight (I prefer curved order edges) I love my sheds and also, like to sit and think in my garden!
Go us some pics!

1 Jun, 2013


Hello folks,
And a special hello to Louisa,
It must be something to live in the same house from when you we're 3,
But i really do hope you remain there "safe and happy" all the rest of your days,

It's a bit like us living here in this house really,
a lot of people who do move to another country as we did (France) as a couple "Im not going to say married couple as that's
a bit old fashioned these days"
Dont seem to plan for if one or the other should die,
what would the one who's left do!!
would they stay or return to the uk!

We've got our pets (4 of them) and in a way they are our children they need to be fed, watered and shown much love and understanding.
We've both agreed that should that day come and one of us is left alone that the other would stay here and continue to live the life as near as we could to todays life .
We do live for the countryside life, the garden, the peace even if it is 30 years behind the times,

I enjoy the shed and the workshop, and sometimes we dont see any human's for days at a time,
they say you know when your getting older "when you cant remember what day it is "well" ive thought today was friday all day but as ive not been off the property for a day and we've no need to go anywere until tuesday
who cares what day it is.
Like louisa I also "no matter what " would like to stay in this house for the rest of my days,
I like the remote feel of the fields and long long views
and i can entertain myself with no problem in my own company just doing country things,
I really do feel for those who have no hobbies, no interest in finding their own way but have to be led all the time and not to be able to read a good book!! well what can one say!
From my side of life "looking at the BBC news i feel so lucky im here just living the simple life and not involved in all the problems a lot of people get into.

REF The pics of our Garden (watch this forum)
Good night folks.

1 Jun, 2013

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