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By dungy


Hi all,
just a quick one tonight, (visitors here)
The weather is wet and very cool,
Ive removed all the tulip/daff bulbs from the troughs and planted the lot with taget’s,
Its the easy way out ref providing a show in the troughs but due to all this rain ive little choice really and i know i’ll have a nice show be it all the same plants.

It really is a headache when you want to do so much but just can’t get near half of it.

Arhhh the joys of gardening when every day is never the same.

I was just thinking of the good side to this weather & as i do believe in looking for a bit of good in everything I think with the cost of fuel for the lawn mower and the fact that im not cutting the grass half as much,

then this is the good in it all “saving fuel”

But the lawn looks awful.
Good gardening to you all.

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I thought it would have been better weather where you are. Cold North wind here today.

24 May, 2013


We are all miserable Dungy, its even harder for me as I am still suffering from the after effects of the Virus. I can only work for 2 hours then have to have to rest for 2 hours.
This is the 15th week. Anti-Biotics will not treat a Virus.
Normally the weather doesnt worry me, I just carry on working on the garden.
I find the best cure is to shut myself in the greenhouse, and do some potting up. Its warmer and I can forget whats outside. Hywel has gone into hibernation again, maybe thats another cure !
(More suggestions welcome.)

24 May, 2013


Hi Dianebulley,
Lets try and cheer you up,
Its a rotten thing when your not feeling 100% and this weather isn't helping any.

Ive worked with a few fit people who didnt manage to do 2 hours non stop work all day,

We had one bloke who really was a headworker, we called him " the mint" because he never got to work for 8am infact it was anytime "after eight" ref the nick name the mint,

As tea break time neared he go to the loo and then be first at the canteen counter, after he'd had his tea & toast and a minute before we we're going back to work he jump up and say "ooh me gutts again, and off to the loo for another 15 mins,
He'd be first at the clocking off machine and first off the carpark and first to moan about those who didnt do a days work in their lives.
When i read your reply tonight his face came into my thoughts "2 hours work was a full days work to "the mint"
So dont you feel bad about not being able to do much,
"your not your best just now" but im sure you'll get better.
So chin up and remember the best way to get better is to relax.
Regards Dungy

24 May, 2013


i have been planting troughs,urns and baskets Dungy but most of them are still on the floor in my bottom g'house, its cold but sunny today so might get to spend time outside, excuse for not cutting the grass is that its too spongy, lol.....

25 May, 2013


Hi Lincslass,
It's the same here,
Lat night or should i say early this morning it was really hammering down,

Our bedroom has a small window in the roof and the light and stars shine through it "very nice" But so will the sound of rain and we really could hear it last night,

It just makes me want to snuggle up under the covers and think how lucky i am not to be working out in such weather.

Ive got my bulbs all on the staging in the greenhouse drying out and the pots we have around the well are now at the back of the pump-house out of sight.

This wet weather really is a pain, you just are so limited in what you can & can't do,
Even the birds seem to be having trouble finding insects.

It's forcast sunday & monday tobe sunny on both days so i may be able to get the mower out and cut the lawn's.

25 May, 2013


Housework forgotten about Dungy, it was a tad chilly but lots of sunshine so garden came out on top, I had a little help as well, my grandson is with us for the weekend and wanted to earn some money so I showed him how to plant out, mind you I think that now I have marigolds in clusters, lol....

25 May, 2013


15 week virus!!!! Golly, I hope the one I have doesn't last that long .... it'll be autumn before its gone.
I sympathise with the lack of energy, Db. I am finding myself short of breath too, not conducive to lugging heavy boxes and furniture around or restoring order in the garden. Here's hoping the current sunny spell will help to fight the bugs.

3 Jun, 2013

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