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Birds need feeding still.


By dungy


Greeting godly people,
Well its Sunday and the church goer’s should be home by now feeling good “clean inside” and ready for another weeks gardening,

Its pouring down here, really coming down the lawns like an axminister carpet ie you just sink into it as you surf across it,

The dogs are fed up and i knew we wouldn’t win the euro song contest,
so what can we do or talk about to help those new to gardening feel its still a worthwhile hobby,

Well when the weathers like this the gardencentre is a good place to have a wonder around and a very good tip here is to start off with a gardening note book of your own,

As you wonder around looking at what you like to look at and feel you’d like “Maybe in your garden”
Take notes of the name /colour/ Growing conditions the plants needs and how high-wide it grows and the price

Tip use the Latin name when taking notes.

The reason Latin is used is so you’ll know no matter where in the world you may be the correct name of what you want,
The Linnaean system "after the person who invented this system of naming was a man called Carolus Linnaeus, a swedish naturalist.

Its quite a simple to follow once you know how it works,

So lets try and show you how!

(1) Each plant name has two or three parts,
(2) the family ( or genus as its called in gardening terms) the plant comes from
ie ACER, "a member of the maple family
(3) the species name!
this tells us which part of the family (genus) it comes from,
for instance "palmatum means “like a hand” so if we put all this info together we get
acer palmatum and this means maple tree with hand shaped leaves

Sometimes you get a third name, this tells you more about the plant,
Lets try this out.


We know ACER is the "family (genus)
And we know palmatum is handshaped
and dissectum means finely cut shaped leaves.

Now you’ll see all this info just by looking at the plant you like,
But by looking at the latin name tag you’ll also know the "family (genus) that plant comes from and by one or two further names on that name tag you’ll know justwhat to ask for any place in the world and know what you want,
This is why having a system such as Latin is a good one,

Just ask yourself how many roses are named after Footballers, queens etc???
You’d soon be lost if you found yourself on holiday in lets say france and you asked for ELLSIE Tanner rose.

The french have never heard of corri or east enders no more that a lot of english folk have heard of Jonny holiday? (FRENCH POP STAR)
But when you know the Latin name you’ll also know what you like ref the plant you want to buy and all the info is via the latin name tag and in your little garden note book.

here’s one for you to think about, “NUDI FLORUM
Now ive seperated this one word into two to help give you a clue!
whats the first half telling you? Nudi !!!!!!!
And now the second half “Florum”

put together = Nudiflorum!
answer at the end of this blog.

One last thought because of this rotten start to the summer and rain rain rain, ive noticed the birds are not getting insects to easily, so why not prolong the bird feeding table’s stock?

Good gardening and thanks for reading this blog.

“Answer” Nudiflorum,
first part i think you all got Nudi (without cover ie nude)
And florum (sounds like flower and it is ) put them as one word and it comes out as flower without leaves
it means the flower comes first and the leaves secondly,

So you’ve a flower in bloom and as the bloom dies the leaves grow.

As ive said "look at the plant you like, and then look at the label, the first section is the family the plant comes from "the genus is how we say family in garden terms,
and the rest is a way of telling us more info ref the plant ie shape, etc.

But you dont have to know how to say what’s on the Latin label, you know what your seeing and now you have the info via the Latin name to pass on to the grower /gardencentre staff etc.

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Very useful info there Dungy, just the stuff for new gardeners to get their head around all these long names.

As regards the bird feeding, I can't feed them in the garden or it becomes infested with hungry cats, but I do feed the birds in the woodland round the car park where I work. There are two crows who know what time I start work and always wait for me. Sometimes when they see me walking from the car (it's a big car park but they seem to know me) they fly to the feeding tree, the place they know I'll leave the food. Other birds wait for me there too, there's a robin, a blackbird or two and often a nuthatch. Plus a magpie who also knows what time I start work and keeps a beady eye out for me! I give them all our spare bread, crusts, cake, cheese etc, and it saves it going to waste and saves space in the food recycling bin. I carry on feeding all year round, mainly to get rid of our waste, but they seem to appreciate it whatever time of year it is:)

19 May, 2013


just be aware that in classification of all living things there is also a genuine Family name.
they go in a specific sequence Order, family , genus and species.
Many good gardening books will include these in the information.

19 May, 2013


you'd have to give me the latin name and i'll be able to elp you, "remember" the french dont say the "h" in their words so it'll be johnny ooalday,
ie not "Hotel but ootel
I oop this elps you understand,
If it we'er Latin it wouldnt matter how you say " that was the point of explaining wht Latin is used and the advantages of it.

Have a nice day,
regards Dungy

20 May, 2013

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