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I thought world war three had started,,?


By dungy


Greetings slug hunters,
Well the alarm set for 6 am and just before i went to sleep i had a thought of what i’d be doing today in the garden
and one thing i really enjoy is that sound first thing of the birds singing,

“But” this morning even before the alarm went off !!!
band boom noise voices shouting, What the hells going on i thought,

And then it hit me

“its bin collection day”

Why is it that binmen have to be so loud,?

when they go for the interview to take such a post up do you think they have to show the human re, people how loud they can shout & how much banging they can do before they get the job? And the trick of how to leave half the paper contents in the bin after its been chucked up via the lift mechanics and returned to the ground?

But apart from this wide awakening ive again had a smashing day in the garden, its been really hot infact both of us decided to have a few hours out of the sun as it was just to much so we went to the local supermarket for some dog food.

I think ive said before but one of my loves in life is old motor bikes and my car, it really is my pride and joy,
So today we went in my car to the super market and while “she who must be obeyed” went inside the supermarket i stayed in the car hidden away in the very far side of the car park

(the french will not walk if they dont have to and they’d park inside the supermarket doors if they thought they could get away with it)

So this is why i park on the far side of this huge carpark thinking i can have a read and be safe from getting my paintwork chipped etc,

Well with my car being british and not a lot of this make around it can get plenty of looks from petrol heads like myself and today as i was reading i saw out of the corner of my eye this little old french man heading my way,

I knew he was french because he had a fag dangling out of the corner of his mouth and a large berret,

(looked like it once came off a landrover “the canvas cover”) it was that big on his head.

And as he knocked on the window he said he liked my car, and then smiled,

Ive never seen such rotted teeth in one mouth, they really we’re stumps,

I got out of the car and “thank god it was a hand shake and not the kissy kissy greeting that can be the norm in these parts” for men or women,

we talked about the car for about ten mins and said our cheerio’s and then off he went to the nearest tree to relieve himself
“and i hope”
help keep the weed population down,
I really do love living here but some habbits dont die very quickly and that is one of them.

Tomorrow is forcast more sun all day and im hoping to have a full afternoons gardening!

(the boss wants to take her book back to the english libary in the morning and she insists i go along with her, she gets talking to other english women and this takes most of the morning,)

So ive had a nice day and i hope you have too.
Good gardening to you all.

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Ha ha...very entertaining!
Hope I don't have nightmares thinking about the rotten stump toothed Frenchman!!!

24 Apr, 2013


Oh you really cheer me up.......I know opening one of your blogs will make me smile xxx

We go to Scotland and in a supermarket I said excuse me to a little old man as I reached over to the shelf, well he grasped my wrist and turned giving me a big smile with his one tooth there like a tombstone in a grave yard!
Then proceeded to smile and chat in such a broad lowland Scots that it was bewildering!
Normally I can understand the accent, but not this time. Still, as usual here there was a warm friendliness about him

25 Apr, 2013


Was his one tooth in the middle of his mouth Pam? if so, he'd have central eating!!!!

25 Apr, 2013


Mmm Paul and yellowy black.......but he was such a happy chap,I don't think he understood me either. :0)

26 Apr, 2013


Ha ha!

26 Apr, 2013

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