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Times we didnt know what time it was!


By dungy


Hi folks,
Well it’s the end of the day and i just thought i’d say i hope you’ve had half a good day as ive had,
Now One thing about us gardeners “once we get going”
time means little to us,
Let me explain, i dont wear a watch because ive broken three now so when im in the garden ive no idea half the time what time it really is,
Our meal times are all over the place and we live on salad stuff more than cook dinners,
Our dogs have built in clocks and no matter if time has sprung forward or gone back an hour these dogs know when its 5 pm their dinner time,
Now we live 3km from a small village and during the war this village had the air raid siren’s going when the german’s we’re flying over the village,
Well french being french and not wanting to chuck anything away "these siren’s have been kept and every day (sunday also) at 12 noon the siren goes off,
Great you may be thinking, thats how to know its 12 noon,
And it was when we first come to live here, we’d hear the siren and head for the kitchen for a bite to eat and a cuppa, then we found out that this siren was also used for calling out the fire service etc etc,
we didnt know and some times we’d think is’nt time flying by now we’ve retired oh listen the siren’s telling us its 12 noon and it only seemed like 30 mins ago it was 9 am (and it was) we we’re having our mid day bite to eat at about 10 am thinking it was 12 noon when in fact the firemen had been called out,
But any German guest that used our gite who heard this siren i think could be found under a table thinking whats going on, has’nt anyone told these people the wars over.
Yes time has little importance as you get older & if i did have a watch i’d forget to wind it up anyway.
Good night all (or is it good morning!)

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Love it. Made me chuckle.

14 Apr, 2013


I have no idea what the time it is if I can't see a clock so I just get carried away but OH says if I don't have lunch at 1 pm I am ready to eat my finger nails , when we go out for the day he says have you got a cereal bar other wise you,ll be biting my hand off by 1 pm if we are know where near a cafe ! lol the joys of being retired .

14 Apr, 2013


We have two dogs and three cats, they never let me forget their dinnertime and wear me down, they never remind me about my own meals though and I tend to forget to eat if gardening, lol.....
Very entertaining blog..

15 Apr, 2013


this made me laugh. My tummy always seems to know 12.30 no matter where or what Im doing. No idea why.

15 Apr, 2013


Have you heard about Pavlov's dogs who were conditioned into thinking food was coming when the bell rang? lol. :-)))

15 Apr, 2013

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