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Tap TAP Anyone there


By dungy


Hi folks, I must tell you about this little lot,
Ive only one near neighbour (french) and we do look out for each other,
Well i do have a woodpecker that appears every now and then and i was reading about how to get him to visit more offten by tapping on something when you hear the woodpecker tapping,
So this morning i was in the garden taking full advantage of todays nice weather when i thought i heard the woodpecker, hence i started to reply to his tapping and this went on for about 30 mins on and off,
Later my neighbour called round to tell me he must go and visit the doctor on monday because his hearing is going “he keeps hearing echoing”
He said he was in his garden fixing his 5 bar gate and he stopped tapping the wooden pegs in but then he could hear the tapping again and the mallet was on the groun not even in his hand “very strange”

I said “No no” i thought it was the woodpecker and i was replying to him!!

My neighbour thinks i should also see a doctor and soon.

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Brilliant :)

13 Apr, 2013


I think your neighbour could be right.....!:)

13 Apr, 2013


Oh that made me smile dungy..I can just picture it :o)
don't stop being daft,that's when you really need to see the Doc :o)

13 Apr, 2013


Thanks for a good laugh Dungy!

13 Apr, 2013


Lol :0) That's just great! :0))

13 Apr, 2013


Ha. Ha. I do sympathise.

I told my husband one evening that if one made a squeaking/sucking sound* between the two thumbs it would attract an owl. He scoffed at this so I made him come outside and I tried it out, even though my other half was making scornful remarks and eyeing me strangely.

I don't know who was more surprised when an owl flew into the garden and perched on the wire above our heads.

*(The article I read said the sound resembles the distress sounds made by an injured creature.)

13 Apr, 2013


oh that did make me smile. the owl part too. :o)

13 Apr, 2013


I love Goyers we're all slightly mad but it helps!
Especially after the gardening year we've had......

14 Apr, 2013


Me too Pam..Humour has helped to pass the time on a lot this winter :o)

14 Apr, 2013


I was listening to R4 and i,m sure that I heard that the people who have botox are less heathy as they can't smile any more?
It was listen again.....wonder if it was an april fool?

14 Apr, 2013


I wish we had sound on here - would love a sample of that squeaking sucking sound...

14 Apr, 2013


Oh this blog has me chuckling, I'm so pleased to see I'm not the only daft beggar when in gardening mode..........

15 Apr, 2013

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