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By dungy


Hello slug haters,
Well again the weather here in this part of france has been wet all day,
But when it rains visitors will call and they did “call” today,

Now a lot of people who have “like us” moved here to france do so after a nice august summer holiday stay and the relaxed feel to the countryside here, you’ll not see any french people running when they can walk,

The very cost of older property really is cheap if you take the buying price only and if you include the re-vamp of these properties you’ll soon see the cost rise a bit,

What has all this to do with a gardening blogg?
Sit tight and i’ll tell you,

Land in this part of france is cheaper than any i know of in the uk, and so for people who just love the countryside/ the gardening and the chance to own a few acres and have a summer every year (we didnt see a lot of sun in mid wales all summer long) then this is why people like us buy and retire to france.

But some folk retire with no hobbies to enjoy except laying about in the sun, But take great pride in telling the likes of us how they can’t understand anyone growing their own veg etc when they sell the stuff with no gardening pain in the local supermarket.

I was told today that i couldnt do any gardening in the wet weather, (ive been in the greenhouse most of the day transplanting tomato’s into the next pots etc.

I was told that by the time you’ve grown any veg it would have cost me more than buying it ready grown!!!!

Not a word said ref how fresh is picking your own lettuce minutes before your ready to eat it.

The same visitor’s never refuse a bag full of freshly harvested veg or the jars of home made & grown chutney when given!

And yet again today i was told how fed up they’re finding the weather is and how bored they’ve been.

It’s one very good thing about gardening,
you can be a loner and enjoy this hobby or part of a team,
It’s a hobby your always learning and many times a smile comes as you see a little bulb has appeared that was’nt there yesterday.

“Fed -up! feeling low!!!”
Perhaps a walk around those supermarket shelving area’s will be their answer to well spent time?

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And thinking about all the chemicals those vegetables are
grown in. Weeds dont stop growing by themselves.

9 Apr, 2013


I do agree about growing vegetables. During the war my father grew tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, grapes, peaches and melons. We had one big greenhouse that had cost over £100 in the Thirties and a smaller one where hyacinths were grown for Easter.

There are times when I can "smell" that wonderful tomato-growing aroma even though my other half only grows shrubs and plants.

11 Apr, 2013


I am a loner and hate shopping as well, its not my idea of having a good time, I am very happy in my garden and g'houses, to be honest if I'm in gardening mode I get cross if visitors arrive and stop me...

12 Apr, 2013

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