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By drc726


Just seen a question about a crabapple tree. Which reminded me that when we moved into our previous house there was a large crab apple tree by the front gate with some scales hanging in it. I found out that because it was quite a way up to the house the scales were left there for people to take the fruit and leave the money. So we too left the scales rusting there as a sort of folklaw thing. Well we were there 12 years and the tiny crabapples were picked several times every year but we never knew who by and we never found any money. The new people rerooted the longish drive and took down that old tree. I suppose thats the way of things now what’s an old tree compared to a shorter drive.

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Nice story drc726 but sad all at once...

As you rightly say, the way of the world now adays.

15 Sep, 2009


What a pitty those people got rid of the old tree. Modern ways !! - no good. Everything is made for lazyness today. Noe they can probably get to their house 2 seconds faster. lol - poor things.

16 Sep, 2009


I suppose we have to move with the times, lovely tale about the tree. It's hard not to feel aggrieved at the changes made by new owners of our old gardens but then I know I've completely changed this garden to how it was and have probably removed some previously prized tree or plants so .....each to his own, things have to evolve.

16 Sep, 2009


i know what you mean. when we bought this house and modernised it [built 1964 no central heating / nor gas / nor shower] and extended it we recieved a very 'nasty ' letter which basically said had she known what our plans were she wouldnt have sold it to us. As for the garden well......
all i remember moving was 15yr old nettles, bin loads of bind weed and creeping sow thistle. and i reduced the height of the lilac, philadelphus and ribes. she called me a butcher. i found some lovely iris and poppies that have been lifted cossetted and loved since.

ah well

16 Sep, 2009


Once sold it was no ones buisness but your own Seaburngirl. To call you a butcher when you probably saved the Philadelpus iris etc. Gardens are only ours for as long as we live/own them. I bet it looks really great now what the last people have done to my last house looks great and very sensible too.

17 Sep, 2009


yes our previous gardens have been managed differently and whilst i was sad to see some of my plantings go i never held any malice. in fact one lady used to ring me up 5yrs on to let me know she would be removing stuff and did i want it. much beyond the call of duty wouldnt you say?

17 Sep, 2009

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