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Snake in the pond!


By drc726


Went Great Dixter today a house, garden and nursery near Bodium Castle East Sussex.
The smells in the walled garden were so fragrant. Couldn’t resist buying several phlox and verbena bonariensis. I loved their verbascum olympicum even after the flowers are past their best its still lovely but they did not have any of them for sale.
Unfortunately I chose a day when they were cutting the meadows so it was a bit noisy in places and I have been sneezing since.

We had a very large grass snake in the pond it stayed a few days and then went when it got cooler/wetter. I stupidly tried to hook it out with a net – that’s when I found out how big it was as it wiggled back into the pond. I still have all my fish but who knows what it got up to. I am now making sure I stomp loudly around the garden incase its still around.

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My snake was only about 1 foot long, it wriggled away too, funny enough, I too stomp around loudly so that if it is anywhere in my garden that it would run next door where the grass is over 4 feet. Lol. I am petrified of snakes of any kind!

12 Aug, 2009


my hubby said he saw a snake in our pond a few weeks back...I havent but now always wear shoes when I go outside

x x x

12 Aug, 2009


lol, I wear wellies all the time now when I am out there.

12 Aug, 2009


I dont think I am scared of them, having never met one but I have been a bit more warey since he said there was one.
Wellies are usually my first port of call

x xx

12 Aug, 2009


Great Dixter must be a wonderful place to visit,

13 Aug, 2009

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