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leek moth


By dorset

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I am a female allotment holder in Dorset. Last year we all suffered leek moth. This year I was determined to avoid it. I grew leeks from seed and transplanted them in May. I immediately covered them with fleece. The other allotment holders have lost their leeks (went quickly down a few days ago). I have examined mine and am not sure whether they are suffering or not. Some appear to be very healthy (all green) whilst others have light patches on the outer leaves. This may be because they are growing large and have been pressing on the fleece. I will keep you updated. What I really want to know is: how long before I can remove the fleece? Are they still flying about ready to attack or can I remove fleece beginning of October.

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There are apparently two generations -late spring to mid summer and late summer to mid autumn. It really depends when you consider mid autumn to be ! That's when the adult moths should have emerged and flown on.
While ever it's still warm they may be about. Keep checking the leaves for pupae anyway. Good luck you've done well so far :)

19 Sep, 2009

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