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Yuma Arizona


By doon


Well here I am again, chatting to you, but it does not matter what I do my photos are blocked from my view and hope you can see it.

We go out once a month & explore the desert around here and it is an interesting history and people that once lived here. It must have been a very hard life. Today it is fast foods around every corner.
Most people here are “snowbirds” that come for the Winter months to enjoy sun and lazy days.
The Winter crops that are grown here are immense. Dates, lettuce of every kind, wheat, poppies, watermelon, broccoli cauliflower, cotton, citrus groves, artichoke, onions etc. The people that harvest all this comes from Mexico, and it improves their lives a lot. The work is hard & done with tremendous skill.

We cycle by them, yell greetings. They are never too tired to return it. If we stop to take photos we are given produce by the armload, a great joy to have. Fresh & warm from the fields.

Cycling can be a risk as a huge part of the RV’s are older(70-80s) and not always in control of these huge rigs. Three of us nearly got wiped out by a monster RV a week ago. They feel we have no right to be on the road even traveling single file. It can be frustrating. Our group ride 4x a week anywhere from 50-75 km a day & usually make up to 750km a month, other do way more. We R all retired, older 65-80 (one fellow is 80 and man he is fitter than most of us)amazing.

I guess my garden suffered some damage with all the snow & temp. below freezing for a week (unusual for Gabriola), All I can think of is my Abutelon must be a goner and also my roses in pots that I just replanted last Fall/08 arrggghhh!!!!!!

Saw you guys got snow in the UK, hope all is well
Take care till next time

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Your pictures came up very clearly-the cactus twice but no worries ! Interesting blog thanks Doon :)

6 Feb, 2009


We can see the photos and they are lovely Doon .....Thanks

6 Feb, 2009


Certainly does sound dangerous on those bicycles but I wouldn't mind joining the RVers to get away from these cold, wet, snowy, windy, icy conditions for a couple of months.

6 Feb, 2009


Wonderful desert photos. I'd rather be there than in the snow.

6 Feb, 2009


So would I!!!!

I do hope your plants will survive!

6 Feb, 2009


i love the snow .but not when i have to drive.holly my rotty likes to play snowballgood pictures

6 Feb, 2009


Not sure about bicycles either but would like to see those cacti,........

6 Feb, 2009


I often think the desert is hard to love...but you have very nice pics!

7 Feb, 2009


Maybe I haven't seen deserts like this - the only ones I have seen were in N.Africa (Tunisia and Moroccco. I am NOT well-travelled! These photos show a different world. Thanks for that!

Sorry to be thick, but what is an RV please?

7 Feb, 2009


Cycling in this country can be hazardous too. As you say many other motorists beleive that you have no right to be on the roads. I guess that their lives are so much more important than ours that what they are doing and where they're going cannot wait so that you and I are are just an impediment or at least a general nuisance.

7 Feb, 2009


Photos are great, Doon. Blog very interesting. I ride a tricycle around my area (fortunately its fairly flat!) and I've had one or two near misses with inpatient drivers. It does get a bit scarey!

7 Feb, 2009


yes we see your photos and they are in UK so cold...hard to imagine desert conditions !

7 Feb, 2009


Looks very familiar grandparents lived in the Mojave desert and we visited there in the that was crazy!..But that is when Dad took his vacation time...very hot and not pretty like it can be in the spring and winter...glad you get to be a snowbird...hope Gabriolla did not fair as bad as you is not too far north of here(Port Townsend/Olympic Peninsula) has been colder than some winters here but with the sea water around helps..I have some pretty frozen rose bushes but I am seeing new buds...they will need to be pruned back farther than I thought.....careful cycling.....roads here do not have wide enough shoulders in some areas...and other areas have special lanes...the ones with no shoulders are bad for both cars and cyclers...too dangerous...

7 Feb, 2009


Recreational vehicles, Spritz - motor homes to us only twice as big in US.

7 Feb, 2009


Gee whizz, was it nice to hear from the "old" (LOL)gang. Thanks for taking time & reading.

I DID it I guess I somehow BLOCKED myself, and had to go to TOOLS & under that found options...............there it was growsonyou was blocked, yehhhhhh!!!!now I can see YOUR photos & mine. Sorry gang I know uppercase letters R a no, no, but I am elated (really so darn happy).

Keep on gardening, Spring is around the corner. I was told that my Lenten roses & Witch Hazel are in bloom at Gabriola
Catfinch the Mohave is a place we would like to visit as well, it looks stunning.
I will post photos when the Occotillas R in bloom, should be soon.
Be good & if I do not comment on YOUR phots, know I am on a disadvantage, by no choice of mine, heheh!!!

7 Feb, 2009


Hi Doon, Great blog. Your pics came up just fine. I love the cactus photos.
This area looks somewhat like Kamloops in the summer.
Be careful out there on your bike. I think the RV'ers should have to get a special license to drive some of those huge rigs. They are as big as semi-trailers. The smaller ones aren't so bad.
Great you can now see all the pics. Glad your garden seems to have survived. Enjoy your snowbird winter.

8 Feb, 2009


Spectacular scenery. Great blog.

8 Feb, 2009


Thanks U guys, nice to be back on the "garden lines" again & read your blogs & see the photos. Will start taking more photos, but can not stop when we R cycling in the group, will get cussed LOL, on top of that give up your spot in the line........can not do that. Will have to take the vehicle.

10 Feb, 2009


The photos look good makes me want to see some sunshine

11 Feb, 2009


Today was 78 F, but cool 47F in the morning when we start cycling around 9:45am.
That is why we R down here................suuuuuuuunnnnnnnn
all day, geez it is hard to take

14 Feb, 2009

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