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Time for a change?


By dgw


Thought i would share some pics of progress with my garden, its looking pretty established now, i started from scratch when we moved here just over 4 years ago.

My last garden was also from scratch but smaller and with more shade,posted some pics here years ago!. Although the new garden was a blank canvas to work on , i did bring many established plants from my previous home (mostly in large pots) and even after 2 years it was well on the way.

The pic above is the view of my garden from the house, looking north ,but the garden is long enough for the east side to catch the afternoon sun and provide lots of colour.

At the bottom of the garden which faces south i built a raised pond from reclaimed materials and have a small seated area to catch the afternoon sun.

While the area nearest our house gets only some late afternoon sun it does provide the opportunity to grow some of my favourite plants Hostas, acers, ferns and fatsias etc, all in pots as there is a timber deck (which i have been threatening to remove every year since moving in!) outside our living room. Must admit though
these plants in pots do look great grouped together and
could always be taken with us if we move again!

Anyway as the title suggests i am thinking of changing the garden to give more year round interest, as i have around 150 pots (all trees ,shrubs ,ferns and hostas etc) i am finding the watering, feeding and potting on etc very time consuming and have thought of removing most of the herbaceous to concentrate on these and other specimen plants. I would like more evergreens and topiary etc and i am also very interested in Niwaki (a bit like bonsai for garden trees) but not sure i have the patience to grow them!, all suggestions welcome.

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Wow that is looking beautiful. The first picture looks quite formal and the very well tended lawn says to me keep off! but the rest of the pics look more informal which I prefer. As you asked - I think I would keep the pots but perhaps move some to the paved patio and be very tempted to break up the lawn with a large feature bed (your topiary would stand out here) in the middle turning the lawn it into wide grass paths either side leading to the back archway. The centre would then be very visible from the house and break up the formality and invite exploration.

12 Aug, 2018


What a beautiful garden,you have got it lovely and in such a short time,well done.

12 Aug, 2018


Your garden is very beautiful, it's a credit to you ... but if you want a suggestion from me I would get rid of that huge expanse of green in the middle of it. If you want all year round interest you won't get it from grass. Maybe you could make a flower bed/ shrubbery/or something in the centre of it … or a meandering path down the middle of it.
I'd keep lots of things in pots because you can move them around as their look changes with the seasons.

12 Aug, 2018


That is absolutely stunning, I can't believe that you would ever consider moving again and leaving it! Is that one of those lovely circular arches I see in the far distance?
Love what you did to the pond, it looks very professional and terrific - even if it does come out sideways on the computer - just a different angle to view it from.

12 Aug, 2018


Some all round year variegated shrubs would nt go a miss for personally I would nt change any of it lawns always sets off plants lovely I know as I no longer have one.

13 Aug, 2018

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