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Just thought i would say hello .i have just posted a picture of my garden ,i have had it all cleared so i have a blank canvas.I hope i get lots of ideas and tips on what i can do with it . i want to try and get it done in the next 10 months ,I want it to be a low maintainance, also i have 3 grandchildren so its got to be a family garden,but also i want it to look beautiful ,yes i have a lot of work to do

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Hi there, I just posted you an account of what we did with our blank canvas as a comment on your pic. Happy gardening.

19 Aug, 2008


thank you Chrispook ,you have a lovely garden ,

19 Aug, 2008


Hi Detectorist. I'm guessing it would help some of the garden planners on this forum if you give an idea of your location in Britain and the type of soil you have. These factors obviously affect choice of plants, etc. Good luck with your project. Looking forward to photos of your progress.

19 Aug, 2008


Hi and welcome.
The first bit of advice is to start on the 'planning stage' for your new garden, and get some huge sheets of paper, sit down and share with your immediate family and friends the 'wish list' for your garden. Think of everyone who will possibly enjoy and share the garden with you, and ask them for their views and ideas as well. You will probably be surpised with all the ideas that will be generated in an ideas sharing session!
Write down all the ideas, then choose from the list all the things that you really want in your new garden space.Think about how you wish to use it: e.g for relaxing and sharing with friends or just your own private space, will it be high maintenance/ low maintenance- You have stated that it will be low maintenance... Will it contain pots or be totally planted... will you have water.... a pond or water feature. Will it be a shady garden, or will it be in full sun, or have both sun and shade.... Will there be a seating area, statuary,.... what type of plants do you want to use and what are your favourite ones and favourite colours? , Do you want to grow fruit and veg as well? What will be the overall theme? e.g cottage garden ,exotic,low maintenance (as you have stated already), etc,etc.
Do you want a garden that gives you interest all year round or will it be colourful or evergreen or a bit of both?Will you have play areas for the grandchildren, etc, etc.
The reason why we are asking you to think about all these aspects is that you will need to think very carefully as you have a 'blank canvas'. and this is a great and unique opportunity to develop an exciting new garden. If you could talk to your friends and family about some of these ideas, we can then give you some more advice and help.I'm sure that fellow G.O.Y members will also be able to give you further advice and help as well.Finally, dont rush into it - take your time with this exciting new project. Hope this helps. All best wishes. Take your time, and make your garden a very special place.

19 Aug, 2008


thanks terratoonie .i live in Castleford West Yorkshire ,i have not done a soil test yet but it looks good soil to me .Grenville .you are right i have got a lot of planning to do,and i have got to get it right ,i love gardening but i am no landscape gardener ,i am not to bad on plants [i once won the best in show for a hanging basket at the Leeds show several years ago].i am just rubbish at design and i am going to take everybody,s ideas on board and try to end up with a lovely garden .i bet there are a lot of people on here who would love a blank canvas to work with ,well here it is ,so i will say this with a smile on my i need every help i can get ,thats why i am here .thank you all

19 Aug, 2008


Sounds great .Have a think about what you would like and get back to us and I'm sure you will have lots of help, ideas and advice.You can do it ----you don't have to be a garden designer or an expert. Go for it- just get a few 'wish list ideas' together and we will try to help you, and so will other members on this site.
All best wishes,

19 Aug, 2008


High feeling good about myself for guessing your hobby before I read your profile.
Have you found anything interesting in your own back yard?
This is the place for help and advice.
I have just re done my front garden as it was boring check out the blog's, to something a lot more interesting yet simple.
Good luck.

19 Aug, 2008


Hallo and welcome to GOY. I am sure that you'll get ideas just by browsing through some garden pictures! If you want help or advice, just ask - there's always someone who can help.

19 Aug, 2008


Hello Detectorist. I hope you have fun developing your garden. It will be interesting to see photos of how you get on. All the best, Hywel.

21 Aug, 2008

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