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Robelinni Palm


I have looked at all the blogs and was hoping for an answer on the brown tips of the leaves. No one mentioned if you should leave them alone, cut them or whatever. Could someone please answer this question.
Thank you.

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The brown tips on your phoenix palm is mainly down to lack of water or a change in temperature (colder usually).
Cut off the brown bits if it annoys you or if the whole leaf has gone brown take it right off.
Please remember, these palms are not as hardy as the Dicksonias and WILL require protection during the winter months.
You may have had a quicker response if you had put this in the question section instead of a blog.

12 Jul, 2009


Thank you Steve...I did put it into the blog and also the questions section.
Thanks for your answer. I'm in Tampa, FL and just purchased the tree and was wondering what to do before I plan to plan it.
Do you have any planting advices you could pass my way.

13 Jul, 2009

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