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Juster Berries


I know that Juster berries are a bit like a gooseberry, come from the Netherlands where they are used to make jam, but that’s it. Does anybody know where you can get them and and any other information about them?

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They are a cross between goosberries and black currants don't think they are for sale in UK. By the way it is better to post questions in Gardening Questions rather than in the garden blogs. :-)

1 Oct, 2009


You mean Jostaberries....think they are availabe through most of the big suppliers....try Ken Muir; T&M, Suttons. etc.., We have them in The Alnwick Garden.

1 Oct, 2009


Thanks Amblealice - I googled Juster and got the info... didn't think about the fact it was from a Dutch site!

1 Oct, 2009


No all help each other.....xx

1 Oct, 2009

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